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Repair or Replacement Process

If equipment is:


Operations Supervisor obtains repair estimates.

Operations Supervisor communicates with Risk Management on repair process and costs.

Operations Supervisor approves all repairs, and notifies Risk Management to process payment for the completed work ensuring Risk Management receives estimates that give sufficient information to tie repairs to incident (including asset number, law enforcement report number, claim number, and party at fault).

If the equipment is repaired outside of Fleet Operations, Fleet Operations administrative staff will prepare an invoice to bill Risk Management for the cost of repairs.


Operations Supervisor advises Fleet Manager and Fleet Transportation Manager.

Fleet Transportation Manager approves non-repairable finding and notifies Risk Management; Fleet Transportation Manager determines vehicle value, based on date of accident, and informs Risk Management and Fleet Manager.

Fleet Transportation Manager determines cost of replacement equipment, informs Risk Management and Fiscal Accounting Associate (including asset number, Sheriff report number, claim number and party at fault).

Operations Supervisor develops replacement specifications and vendor list.

Fleet Transportation Manager orders replacement equipment.

Fleet Transportation Manager notifies Fleet Manager when equipment arrives.

Fleet Transportation Manager notifies Fleet Manager, Risk Management, and Fleet administrative staff when final invoices are received and paid.

GSA Fiscal prepares adjusting entries to reduce the replacement balance of the old equipment to 0.

If the County is “not at fault” Fiscal Staff determines the difference between the cost of the new equipment and the available replacement balance on the old equipment.

If the replacement balance is less than the cost, Fleet Administrative staff notifies Risk Management and Risk Management prepares a JE to reimburse Fleet Operations for fleet equipment; for the difference.

If the replacement balance is more than the cost, GSA Fiscal applies the excess to the replacement balance of the new equipment.

Refer to additional steps for “not at fault” accidents.

When the County is “at fault” Fleet Operations disposes of the old equipment prior to determining the available replacement balance; refer to additional steps listed under “COUNTY AT FAULT” section.