• Assessor’s Office
    Under the California Constitution and the Revenue and Taxation Code, the Assessor has the following responsibilities: locate all taxable property within Ventura County; identify the person who owns, claims, possesses, or controls property on the Lien Date (R&T § 405); establish the assessed value of all taxable property in accordance with the law; and publish both an annual and supplemental assessment rolls.
  • Assessor’s Forms – Library
    All Assessor forms available by category or view all at once.
  • Assessor’s Business Forms
  • Business Owners
    Unlike real property, business personal property is reappraised annually.
  • e-SDR Electronic BPS Filing
    You may only use this on-line filing system (e-SDR) if you received the notification letter titled e-SDR E-File Your Business Property Statement with your Business Property Statement 571-L packet.
  • Public Information Fee Schedule