Jeff Burgh


Joanne McDonald
Assistant Auditor-Controller


By State Law, the Auditor-Controller is charged with the responsibilities normally associated with that of the Chief Financial Officer. The office is charged with the establishment and supervision of the accounting and financial operations of all activities under the control of the Board of Supervisors. The Auditor-Controller provides the County with professional fiscal leadership to protect the interests of the citizens of Ventura County; promotes public oversight; and provides accountability. The services are performed in a customer oriented, efficient, economical, and effective manner. For additional information on County revenue and expenses please visit our financial transparency web site at OpenGov by clicking here.

Goals and Objectives

  • Safeguard county assets and ensure the best utilization of the County’s resources.
  • Provide accurate and timely financial reports and maintain records that are useful for citizens, county management, and agencies/departments.
  • Perform productive audits annually to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of County services, and increase accountability.
  • Improve services to the public and County agencies/departments.
  • Streamline financial operations to be more efficient and effective.
  • Increase the efficiency of government operations through additional automation of financial systems

Government Structure

The County of Ventura was approved by the State Legislature on March 22, 1872, effective January 1, 1873. The county was created out of the easterly portion of Santa Barbara County. Ventura County covers an area of 1,873 square miles and is 26th in size among California’s 58 counties. It is bordered on the north by Kern County, on the northwest by Santa Barbara County, and on the east by Los Angeles County. The Pacific Ocean provides the County the south and south-western border stretching along 42 miles of coastline. Ventura County’s population is estimated at 849,738 as of July 2016. The County is thirteenth in population size among California’s counties. Since 2010 the county has grown 3.2 percent and had a 12.8 percent total increase since the 2000 Census.


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