Adopted Budget - FY 2012-2013

Table of Contents
Board of Supervisors ViewPDF
Index to Ventura County Budgets ViewPDF
Alphabetical Listing of Departmental Budgets ViewPDF
General Information
General Information ViewPDF
Summary Schedules
Summary Schedules ViewPDF
Expenditures Detail
Expenditures Detail – All Functions ViewPDF
General Function ViewPDF
Public Protection Function ViewPDF
Public Ways & Facilities ViewPDF
Health & Sanitation ViewPDF
Public Assistance ViewPDF
Education ViewPDF
Debt Service ViewPDF
Internal Service Funds
Internal Service Funds ViewPDF
Enterprise Funds
Enterprise Funds ViewPDF
Special Districts
Special District Budget Detail ViewPDF
Fire Protection District ViewPDF
Summary Positions
Summary of Positions ViewPDF
Property Tax
Analysis of Current Property Taxes & Assessed Valuation ViewPDF
Glossary of Terms ViewPDF