Audit Reports - FY 2018-2019

Internal Audit Plan
Fiscal Year 2018-19 Internal Audit Plan and Report on Prior Year Performance ViewPDF
Treasury Cash Count and Annual Audit
FY 2018-19 1st Quarter Count of Cash in Custody of the Treasury (01/08/2019) ViewPDF
Audit Reports
Audit of the Health Care Agency’s Internal Controls over Financial Budgets, Projections, and Reporting for the Ventura County Medical Center (01/04/2019) & Revised Timeline for Corrective Action (01/14/2019) ViewPDF
FY 2017-18 Internal Quality Assurance Review of the Internal Audit Division (10/29/2018) ViewPDF
Audit of Contract Compliance for Health Care Agency Physician Compensation (08/20/2018) ViewPDF
Validation of the 2015 Control Self-Assessment