• We have launched a newly updated Public Reservation Site From this site you can book camp sites as before, but there is much more information on the site and there is a new site search function to allow you to find the right site for your camper. We have added the ability to see if a site is available by viewing a calendar or by scrolling over a campground from All Reservable Areas map to show the number of sites available (please note this information changes by the minute and is not a guarantee that there will be a site open).



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Certain events held in County parks will require a Use Permit(s) per County of Ventura ordinance.  Examples of events that require a Use Permit(s) are large groups or parties that:

    are open to the public, or

  • will have vendor booths selling goods or services, or
  • will sell beer, wine, or alcohol, or
  • will feature amplified sound (DJ or live band), or
  • will have a Jolly Jumper, clown, etc., or
  • will be filming inside the park (applies to professional filmmakers and student filmmakers).

The number of Use Permits required for one event depends on the type of the event.  As an example, a private party of 250 people that will have a live DJ, a Margarita stand that sells drinks by the glass and a Jolly Jumper, would require the following Use Permits:

  • An Amplified Sound Permit for the live DJ
  • An Alcohol Sales Permit to sell Margaritas
  • A Special Use Permit for the Jolly Jumper
  • A Alcohol Beverage Control Permit (not issued by the County of Ventura)

For more information about Use Permits or to schedule an event, call the Parks Reservations Line at 805-654-3951 or click on the E-mail Us link below.

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