Living Wage Ordinance

In May 2001, the County of Ventura Board of Supervisors enacted a Living Wage Ordinance to help the County’s working residents reach their economic goals. The Ordinance is administered by the County Executive Office. Procurement is charged with ensuring that centralized contracts meet the Living Wage Ordinance requirements.

Living Wage Ordinance exitdisclaimer

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LWO Requirements

– Contract Requirements for LWO applicability

  • Contract for Services with expenditures of $25,000 or more in a 12-month time period
  • Contract term of at least 3 months

– Benefits to Covered Employee

  • Wage Rates (as of July 1,2019)
    • $11.00 per hour with $2.00 per hour Health Benefits OR
    • $13.00 per hour without Health Benefits
  • Paid Leave
    • Minimum 12 compensated days off per year (includes paid holidays)

– Covered Employee

  • Minimum 4 hours per week on County funded contract
  • Does not include
    • Student age 21
    • Anyone earning academic credits regardless of age
    • Volunteer


LWO Exemptions

– Excluded Services

  • Contract subject to Federal or State Laws (e.g., Prevailing Wage Construction contracts)
  • Contracts between County and Governmental entity
  • Contracts between County and Financial/Banking institution
  • Contract for professional services requiring specialized skill or licensure (e.g., Consultant, Lawyer, Doctor, Experts, etc.)
  • Contract between County and Non-Profit Corporation (IRS Code Section 501(c)(3))

– Contractor Exemptions

  • Small Employer: Employs less than 5 full-time persons for each working day in 20 or more days per year
  • Collective Bargaining: Entity operating under a Collective Bargaining Agreement
  • In-Home Support Service Workers (IHSS)
  • Board and Care Services
  • Printing/Copying Services


LWO Contract Sanctions

  • Withholding of payments
  • Contract Suspension or Termination
  • Contractor required to pay employees underpaid amounts
  • Barred from County business for up to three (3) years
  • Any combination of the above


Annual LWO Rate Review

  • Ordinance uses 2001 as base year
  • Requires annual review and adjustment in proportion to increase in Consumer Price Index-W (Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers not seasonally adjusted for the U.S. city average)
    • Increase must equate to at least 50 cents
    • Increase automatic; Board of Supervisors review and approval required if County Executive Office reports that it will unduly burden the County Budget
  • Rates effective following fiscal year on July 1
    • First 50 cent increase to LWO effective July 1, 2006 based on cumulative impact of CPI-W increases
  • Notification of LWO effective rates
    • Awarding Authorities
    • Contractors subject to LWO


LWO Compliance Forms

Downloadable Vendor Compliance and Employee Complaint forms.

Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader


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link dblArrow LW-3 Bidder/Contractor Application for Non-Coverage or Exemption AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-4 Pro-rated Time off for Part-time Employees AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-5a Declaration of Agreement to Comply AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-5b Subcontractor Declaration of Agreement to Comply AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-6 Employee Information Form AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-7 Employee Complaint Form (English) AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-7sp Employee Complaint Form (Spanish) AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-8 Living Wage Notice (English) AcrobatReader
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link dblArrow LW-9 Subcontractor Information AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-10 Application for Small Employer Exemption AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-10a Employee Worksheet for Small Employer Exemption AcrobatReader
link dblArrow LW-11 Notice to Employee (paycheck insert) AcrobatReader
link dblArrow POSTER: Living Wage Ordinance Rates AcrobatReader
link dblArrow POSTER: Prohibition against Retaliation (English) AcrobatReader
link dblArrow POSTER: Prohibition against Retaliation (Spanish) AcrobatReader


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