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County Not at Fault

Risk Management attempts collection from third party insurance company for current value of equipment.

Risk Management deals directly with insurance company regarding salvage value of equipment.

Risk Management reimburses Fleet Operations fund for any money recovered from the third party up to the amount paid to Fleet Operations.

Any money recovered (excluding interest collected when a promissory note is involved) which exceeds the original amount paid to Fleet Operations will be paid to Fleet Operations via a JE prepared by Risk Management.

GSA Fiscal will apply the additional money to the replacement balance of the new equipment.

County at Fault

Fleet Operations sells old equipment and deposits sales proceeds to replacement account.

Fleet Administrative staff notifies GSA Fiscal of sales proceeds.

GSA Fiscal adds sales proceeds to available replacement balance.

Risk Management and GSA Fiscal follow steps for preparing a JE, if money is owed to Fleet Operations, or posting excess replacement to replacement balance of new equipment.

Note: If the damaged equipment is non-fund owned (i.e., Public Works equipment) Risk Management pays Public Works, or other owner of the equipment, the current value of the equipment and Public Works, or other owner, is responsible for the cost of the new equipment.