Title Companies

Title Companies and the Department of Child Support Services

Title companies play a vital role in securing past support owed to the children of Ventura County. Annually, our department collects millions of dollars for children and families. A significant portion of the funds collected are obtained through liens.

Title companies have 5 principal responsibilities:

  • Research the County Recorder’s Office to determine if there is a lien
  • Notify our office of a pending sale
  • Send our office a request for Satisfaction of Judgment along with a copy of the recorded abstract
  • Comply with the demand letter
  • File the Satisfaction with the Recorder’s Office once the funds have been sent to the Department of Child Support Services

When your company complies with the recording guidelines, you are helping your business and the community in many ways:

  • You help kids!
  • You reduce fraud and errors
  • You save taxpayers’ money
  • You contribute to a stable workforce

Do you need to contact our title company specialist?

Please call our office at 1-866-901-3212 or send us a fax at 805-437-8315.

Requests for Satisfaction of Judgment

Please read the attached letter regarding requests for Satisfaction of Judgment: click here to open letter.

Instructions for using the Child Support Lien MS Word Form:

Click here to open the form and save it to your computer . Open the file and press F11 to access each field. Type your information in the space provided. Save the file on your computer. You may send it to us by email or fax.

You may fax the completed form with your abstract to: 805-437-8315 or email it as an attached file to: lien.specialist@ventura.org

If you choose to use email, you will also need to attach a scanned version of the abstract as a Microsoft Word document, PDF or image file (e.g. JPEG).

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