Going to Court

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Ventura Child Support Court Info Brochure

Coming to Court

Ann Michelle McKinley DCSS Senior Attorney

Preparing for Court Video

  • Carefully review the paperwork you received. Call our office at 1-866-901-3212, if you have questions.
  • Fill out all forms prior to court and bring all documents requested. Refer to the Ventura Superior Court’s local rules 9.16 – 9.18 regarding documents that must be filed and brought to court. The Local Court Rules may be accessed here:Local Court Rules
  • You may bring additional documents you want to show the commissioner.
  • There is airport-type security at the courthouse.
  • There will be a Spanish language interpreter in court to help you if you would like assistance.



  • Children are not allowed in the courtroom. It is best not to bring children, unless they are needed for mediation.
  • There is a children’s waiting room for children that are at least 2 ½ years old and are toilet trained. There is limited capacity, so if you plan to use their services, arrive early. You can contact the waiting room at: 805-654-2963. Children who are sick are not allowed in the children’s waiting room.

Telephonic Hearings 

Both parties may request a telephonic hearing by contacting the courts at least 12 days prior to their scheduled hearing.

The party is responsible for contacting the court’s designated provider of teleconferencing services for court appearances, Court Call LLC, arranging the telephonic appearance and providing Court Call with all required information and payment of fees. The party may contact Court Call at 888-882-6878.

  • Caller must have a land line to have a telephonic hearing
  • There may be a charge for this service
  • The website for telephonic hearing is www.courtcall.com

The party is responsible for completing form FL-679 Request for Telephonic Hearing at least 12 days prior to their scheduled hearing.  The party may fax file the form by utilizing the services of Official Payments Corp, the authorized third-party vendor for the courts, at 1-855-467-2329.  The party may obtain the FL-679 Request for Telephonic Hearing form along with FL-679-INFO Information Sheet by contacting the Ventura County Clerk, at 805-289-6810 or they may obtain it online at:

The court may deny a request to appear telephonically and require the parties to appear in person pursuant to California Rule of Court 3.670(h).

What to Expect in Court

Superior Court Commissioner JoAnn Johnson

What Happens in Court Video

  • The Court will start the day with the Calendar Call. This is a “roll call” to find out who is present.
  • If you are late and miss roll call your hearing may proceed without you or delayed until the end of the day. In some cases, the hearing will be cancelled.
  • After roll call, the attorneys from our Department will talk to each party privately to discuss the case.
  • If the parties reach an agreement, our office will prepare a Stipulation.
  • Once all parties sign the Stipulation, you will be dismissed and no hearing will be needed.
  • If the parties cannot reach an agreement, they will have a hearing.
  • Court can sometimes last all day. Be prepared to be in court until the end of the day.


During Your Hearing

  • Each party will have a chance to speak to the commissioner. The commissioner will speak to you and you will speak directly to him or her.
  • Always direct your conversation toward the court and not the other party.
  • If you don’t understand something ask the commissioner to clarify it.

After the Hearing

Jeanette Casey Child Support Services Specialists

What Happens After Court (video)

  • After the hearing, you will be dismissed.
  • There will be a Child Support Professional in court who can answer your non-legal questions.
  • The Child Support Professional will explain how to make a payment, enforcement, and provide specific information about your case.
  • The Child Support Professional can also accept payments by check or cash and provide you with a receipt.
  • If our office requested the hearing, we will prepare the order and you will receive a copy by mail in about two weeks.

Calculating Your Child Support

Barbara Stoliker Supervising Child Support Specialists

Calculating Your Child Support (video)

What If I Don’t Go to Court on My Case?

  • No one else can represent you except your own attorney.
  • If you do not attend the hearing, you will not be represented in court. DCSS attorneys represent the state and not either party.
  • The hearing may proceed without you.
  • In certain circumstances, you may request a telephonic hearing, for a fee, through Court Call. You can contact them at: 888-882-6878 or www.courtcall.com.


Getting to Court

  • From the 101 or 126 freeways, exit Victoria Ave.
  • Arrive early to allow for the time it takes to get through security.
  • For the easiest access to the court, park in Lot A, B, or C. Refer to the map below for the location of the Hall of Justice and for parking.
  • Do not park in restricted or time limited lots. You will receive a ticket!




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