Mike Pettit
Assistant County Executive Officer
(805) 654-2864

The major ongoing responsibilities and functions of the Administration and Support Division are as follows:

  • Fiscal Administration
  •  Office System Administration and Planning
  •  Web Development & Coordination
  •  Organizational Enrichment and Strategic Planning
  • Facilitate Intergovernmental Cooperation
  •  Track and Monitor Implementation of Board Directives
  •  Promote Public access to all levels of Government

The Assistant County Executive Officer is also responsible for the following areas:

Rosanna Bati
Deputy Executive Officer

Fiscal & Administrative Services
(805) 654-2633

Fiscal & Administrative Services

  • Financial Reporting and Fiscal Oversight
  • Safeguard Agency Assets
  • Budget and Rate Development
  • Personnel, Payroll and Facility Coordination
  • Textbook and Tuition Administration
  • Agency Health and Safety
  • Information Technology and Work Orders
Rosa Gonzalez

Rosa Gonzalez
Chief Deputy Clerk of the Board

Clerk of the Board

  • Board of Supervisors Meetings and Records
  • Assessment Appeals
  • Air Pollution Control Board Meetings
  • County Ordinances
  • Boards, Commissions, and Committees
  • Farmworker Resource Program Advisory Committee
  • Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests
  • Conflict of Interest Codes and Biennial Notices
  • Campaign Finance
  • City Selection Committee
  • Claims for Damages and Legal Summons
  • Fire Protection District Board of Appeals
  • Ventura County Consolidated Oversight Board

Christy Madden

Community Development
(805) 654-2679

Community Development

  • Community Development
  • Grant Program Administration for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • HUD Ventura County Continum of Care Grant Program
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program
  • Piru Redevelopment Area
  • Farmworker Housing
  • 10-Year Pan to End Homelessness
  • Housing Trust Fund

Sue Hughes

Government Affairs, Water , and Energy

  • Government Affairs
  • Integrated Regional Water Management Planning and Implementation
  • Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance
  • Climate Protection Plan
  • Clean Power Alliance
  • Tri-County Regional Energy Network

Paul Stamper

Service Excellence
(805) 654-3938

Service Excellence

  • Service Excellence
  • Ventura County Strategic Plan
  • Business Assistance and Economic Vitality
  • Above and Beyond in Ventura