Pest Exclusion and Plant Quarantine


The Pest Exclusion Program seeks to stop the introduction of harmful pests into the state. If a harmful pest is discovered, the program seeks to eradicate it, or if eradication is not possible due to the size of infestation, then to control it’s spread.

Pest exclusion is the first line of defense against invasion by exotic pests. Incoming commercial and private shipments of plant material are subject to inspection for compliance with plant import restrictions. Infested or prohibited shipments are subject to regulatory action.

Plant quarantines may include origin or destination inspections to ensure that commodities are free of agriculture-destroying insects, nematodes, and diseases. Plant quarantines protect the industry and environment by excluding plant pests thorough inspection and certification.

Commodities are also inspected and certified in Ventura County prior to shipment to other states and foreign countries.


Quarantine Inspection

Traps and other monitoring methods are used to keep agriculture-destroying insects from entering the county.


Insect Trap