Farmers Markets & Certified Producers - FAQs


Delicious strawberries, avocados, specialty citrus and more are ripe and ready in local markets.


Shoppers can talk directly with the growers at Certified Farmers’ Markets.

1. Who is required to be a certified producer?

A grower that wishes to sell fruit, vegetables, nuts, honey, eggs, cut-flowers or nursery stock of his production at a Certified Farmers’ Market, must obtain a Certified Producer’s Certificate from the Agricultural Commissioner.

2. How can I obtain a Certified Producer Certificate?

Complete an application listing the agricultural products that you produce and wish to sell along with the sites where you are growing and storing the products. If you are leasing the property you must submit a notarized copy of the lease. An Agricultural Inspector will contact you to set up an appointment to inspect your growing grounds. The certification fee is an hourly rate or $60 per hour and includes the inspection and certificate.

3. What am I required to do once I become a certified producer?

You can sell agricultural products certified as your own production and listed on your certificate. Some Certified Farmers’ Markets allow certified producers to sell for up to two other certified producers in the certified section of a Farmers’ Market. You are required to follow all Direct Marketing laws and regulations including displaying your certificate at your sales location at the market. All changes in production sites and / or agricultural products produced must be reported to the Agricultural Commissioner to update and amend your certificate.

4. Will I be inspected as a certified producer?

Agricultural inspectors inspect growing grounds twice a year, once for new certificates and annual renewals and again once during the fall or spring growing season. This is to make sure that you are selling agricultural products produced by you.

5. What happens if I am issued a violation when the inspectors come to the Farmer’s Market?

Violations of the regulations pertaining to Direct Marketing are rated as minor, moderate or serious and can result in fines up to $1000 per violation and suspension of your certificate to sell at the farmers’ market for up to 18 months.

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