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There are 52 Agricultural Commissioners in 58 counties across California. They are part of a network of regulatory agencies charged with enforcing regulations affecting agriculture.

County Government Agriculture, Community, and Environmental Stakeholders United States Environmental Protection Agency California Department of Food and Agriculture United States Department of Agriculture California Department of Pesticide Regulation CACASA Agricultural Agencies Network

The Agricultural Commissioner has a unique relationship to his parents. The commissioners is funded by federal, state and county governments to regulate the agricultural industry. The commissioner also collects fees for providing services to the agricultural industry and to the public. The commissioner is licensed by the State of California and appointed by the county Board of Supervisors to a four year term.

To protect and promote agriculture, while ensuring the welfare of the public, the industry, and the environment.

The Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is the leader in promoting and protecting agriculture in Ventura County. Working together with all Ventura County stakeholders, the Agricultural Commissioner builds the necessary structures for long term success into the future. The Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office identifies challenges as they are forming and quickly develops appropriate actions to reach a positive outcome. Excellence of service and continued improvement are key parts of the very structure and operation of the Department.


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency

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