Treasury Oversight Committee

Introduction to the Treasury Oversight Committee

In accordance with Government Code 27130-27137, the Ventura County Treasury Oversight Committee was established in 1996 to review the County’s investment policy.

The current Committee Members are Supervisor John Zaragoza, Board of Supervisors; Steven Hintz, Treasurer-Tax Collector; Jeffery S. Burgh, Auditor-Controller; Ms. Misty Key, Associate Superintendent, County Superintendent of Schools; and Ms. Lori Mahoney, Investment Advisor.

The Treasury Oversight Committee meets twice a year (April and November) at 1pm, in the Atlantic Conference Room, in the Hall of Administration, located at the government center in Ventura, California.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019
1pm, Atlantic Conference Room
Hall of Administration

Meeting Agenda (available late October)


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