Redemption- Frequently Asked Questions

Can I redeem one delinquent year separately from other years?

No, one year’s delinquent taxes may not be redeemed separately from the other year’s delinquent taxes. When the redemption amount is calculated, the total taxes owed for all delinquent years are combined together.

I received 2 bills, one is labeled Ventura County Defaulted Secured Tax Statement, and the other is labeled Ventura County Defaulted Supplemental Tax Statement, can I just pay one of these?

No. All prior years tax owing, must be paid at the same time.  If you begin a 5-year plan, you will automatically receive installment amounts that include both statements.

Do my installment payments cover my current annual taxes?

No. Your installment payments NEVER include your current year’s taxes, which must be paid separately.

My lender has requested that I pay my defaulted taxes, can I start a 5-year plan?

Some mortgage companies do not consider a payment plan as an acceptable alternative to paying taxes in full. To avoid overpayments, you may wish to verify this with your lender.

I received a Supplemental Tax Statement this year and I am on a 5-year plan, will this be covered in my 5-year plan?

No. Your installment plan NEVER includes current year’s taxes, including Supplemental Tax Bills.

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