Mobile Homes

A “mobile home” is a housing structure that is not attached to a permanent foundation. Taxes for mobile homes are considered “unsecured” and are billed separately from the parcel on which the mobile home is located. If the mobile home is attached to a permanent foundation, it is considered to be a real property. It is listed as an “improvement” on the tax bill for the real property, and is not billed separately from the parcel on which it is located.

The billing for mobile homes is conducted in late October every year. They are billed on a statement similar to the Secured Tax statements, with the option to pay in two installments. The due date for the first installment is November 1, delinquent after December 10, and the second installment is due February 1, delinquent after April 10. If a mobile home statement becomes delinquent it will transfer to an Unsecured Tax statement on July 1 of the following tax year, as well as accumulate additional penalties and fees which are addressed on the bill.

The Transfers on Mobile Homes and Tax Clearances Certificates

Mobile home title issuance is administered by the State’s Department of Housing and Community Development. The transfer in title of a used mobile home which is subject to local property taxes is contingent upon tax clearance from the Treasurer-Tax Collector of the county in which the mobile home is located.

A tax clearance certificate is used to permit the registration of used mobile homes. The certificate indicates that the Treasurer-Tax Collector finds NO mobile home tax is due or that the mobile home property taxes have been paid in a manner not requiring the withholding of registration or transfer of registration of that mobile home.

In Ventura County, you can obtain a mobile home Tax Clearance Certificate or a Conditional Tax Clearance Certificate from the County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office.

Select forms are available online, use the Form link(s) below.

If you have specific questions regarding collection on Mobile Homes, please contact our Mobile Homes Division at (805) 654-2120 or by email at


Tax Clearance Worksheet (Fillable Form)

2019-2020 Agreement To Pay Taxes (Fillable Form)

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