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Who We Are

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) recipients need quality care so that they can remain safe and comfortable in their homes. Some IHSS recipients choose a relative or friend to care for them: These care providers are called Non-Registry Providers. When others need help finding a quality care provider, we connect them with a Registry Provider. IHSS Public Authority provides registration and training services to all IHSS Providers, whether they are non-relatives, relatives, friends, or matched with an IHSS recipient.

IHSS recipients and providers may continue to conduct business with us by phone or in person. Drop boxes remain available outside both offices for you to drop off any documents at any time day or night. Important phone numbers are listed below:

  • Public Authority: 805-654-3416; Fax: 805-654-3499
  • IHSS Ventura Office: 805-654-3260
  • IHSS Simi Valley Office: 805-306-7935
  • IHSS Payroll Team: 805-477-5436 or HSA-IHSSPayroll@ventura.org
  • The State IHSS Service Desk for both IHSS recipients and providers continues to be available to assist during business hours at 866-376-7066.
  • Essential protective gear (gloves and masks) are available while supplies last for both IHSS recipients and providers. Please call 805-654-3416 or come in to the Public Authority office to request supplies.

IHSS Public Authority also provides recruitment, screening, and referral services to IHSS Providers who want to be matched with an IHSS recipient. All services are provided at no cost to the IHSS recipient.

IHSS Providers are caring individuals who want to help IHSS recipients live high-quality lives in their own homes. IHSS Providers provide services such as the following:

Meal preparation & cleanup, feeding, bowel and bladder care, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing, laundry/domestic chores, shopping for food.

For a complete list of IHSS services and tasks, please refer to the handout entitled: “Services Covered by IHSS”  (en español)

Training & Education

Online Training Video Library

Public Authority currently provides online trainings, videos and additional resources for IHSS providers. In-person training is suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IHSS PA Provider ~ Ventura
4245 Market Street, Suite 213
Ventura, CA 93003
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Email: HSA-PublicAuthority@ventura.org

IHSS PA Provider ~ Simi Valley
2900 N. Madera Road, #200
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
Email: HSA-PublicAuthority@ventura.org

How to Become an IHSS Registry Provider 

To become an IHSS Public Authority Registry Provider and be referred to IHSS recipients, complete the following steps: 

  1. Attend one of our mandatory Information & Orientation Sessions (en español) in Ventura or Simi Valley.  Registry application packets will be provided at these sessions. It is important to also bring your government issued ID (not expired) and original Social Security Card to the information and orientation session. 
  2. Participate in a hiring interview. You will be scheduled for this phone interview after you attend the mandatory information and orientation session and submit a complete registry application packet.
  3. Be fingerprinted and go through a criminal background check by the California Department of Justice. Background check fees are an out-of-pocket expense for individuals interested in becoming an IHSS Registry Provider. The IHSS recipient and the Public Authority do not pay for this. The paperwork required for fingerprinting and locations where this can be completed are provided at the information & orientation session.

Once all steps and have been completed, your name will be placed on a Registry that will be used to refer IHSS Providers to IHSS recipients who want to hire a home care provider.

IHSS Providers’ Pay & Benefits

The IHSS Public Authority administers a contract with the Service Employees International Union Local 2015 (SEIU-2015) regarding hourly wages, increases, and benefits for providers. All care providers are paid $18.25 per hour, effective January 1, 2024, and may be eligible to claim travel time, overtime, and sick time. For more information view the IHSS Recipient/Consumer Education videos. IHSS Public Authority providers needing more information may call 805-654-3416.

  • SEIU Local 2015 Membership Information
    As part of being an IHSS provider, you are automatically represented by SEIU Local 2015 for wages, benefits and certain terms of employment. You are also eligible to join the SEIU Local 2015 as a union member. For information regarding SEIU 2015 membership click here or you can call the Member Action Center at 855-810-2015.

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Sick Time Pay

IHSS Providers may qualify to take sick time or claim sick time after working 200 hours. For the latest information on claiming sick leave see Provider Paid Sick Leave Request.

Note: The State COVID-19 Sick Leave that has been available to IHSS providers ended as of September 30, 2021. Providers will need to use their regular sick leave benefits, if they still have a balance of hours left, for any sick-related purposes.

Direct Deposit

You can have your provider paycheck deposited into a checking or savings account using direct deposit.  You can apply for direct deposit by mail using the SOC 829 form, or apply online if you are registered on the Electronic Services Portal IHSS website. For direct deposit information see Direct Deposit flyer, English and Spanish.

Online Electronic Timesheet Service (ETS)

Active IHSS recipients and providers have the option to enroll in the Electronic Timesheet Service (ETS).  This option allows a provider to submit their In-Home Support Services (IHSS)/Waiver Personal Care Services (WPCS) timesheet online using a tablet, smartphone, or computer instead of receiving and submitting paper time sheets. This service also allows a provider’s time sheet to be reviewed and approved by their IHSS recipient using a tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Benefits of completing and submitting timesheet online:

  • No longer required to mail paper time sheets
  • Check time sheet and payment status online
  • Check timesheet history (last three months) online
  • Request supplemental timesheets online
  • Bonus – ETS validates time sheets before submission to avoid errors and potential violations.

To enroll and submit time sheets electronically, both the active IHSS/WPCS provider and the recipient must have the following:

  • Provider Number
  • A valid email address
  • Internet access
  • Access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer

To sign-up for ETS visit www.etimesheets.ihss.ca.gov

For more information:
Contact the IHSS Service Desk at 866-376-7066 (option 4) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  Monday – Friday (except major holidays)

Telephonic Timesheets (TTS) for IHSS Providers and Recipients

Active IHSS providers and recipients who do not have access to internet service, a computer or smartphone can submit and approve timesheets using a landline or cell phone.

To enroll and submit time sheets telephonically:

  • Contact (833) DIAL EVV or 833-342-5388 to register and press 3 for registration. You will need your 6-digit registration code, your 9-digit provider number and your date of birth or
  • Call 805-654-3416 for assistance or questions on TTS
  • Further information and recorded webcasts on TTS are also available:

Entering your time on TTS can take more time than using the online portal. It is suggested that providers enter time every day instead of waiting until the end of the pay period.

IHSS Advance Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Advance Pay is an option available to some IHSS consumers that allows consumers to receive an advanced payment for his/her monthly IHSS services to pay the provider(s) directly for their service .

  • Consumers who are severely impaired (authorized 20 or more hours per week for IHSS personal care; preparation of meals; meal cleanup when preparation of meals and feeding are required; and paramedical services);
  • Consumer is capable of handling his or her financial and legal affairs; and
  • The amount advanced cannot exceed the amount needed to pay for authorized IHSS service hours.
  • A Consumer may not use his or her payment for anything other than the purchase of authorized IHSS services;
  • Consumers must submit reconciled timesheets; and
  • Consumers must pay their provider(s) timely.
  • It is the responsibility of the Advance Pay recipient, legal guardian or conservator, to review and approve their provider’s completed timesheets at the end of each pay period as proof that the Advance Payments were used to pay for authorized IHSS services received. (MPP Section 30-769.737).
  • Timesheets require recipient approval, with the recipient validating the hours worked by the provider. For purposes of timesheet processing, the provider submits the timesheets as required via the Electronic Service Portal (ESP) or the Telephonic Timesheet System (TTS).
  • Counties have the authority to remove a consumer’s Advance Pay if the consumer does not adhere to all IHSS Advance Pay requirements (MPP Section 30-767.133).
  • This regulation helps to ensure that recipients are paying their providers appropriately.
  • The provider must be an eligible IHSS provider.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 441.545(b)(2) allows for advance payment of direct cash to individuals in the CFCO Program. The CFCO program allows the AP recipient to further exercise their self-direction by making a direct payment to their provider. CFCO also allows AP recipients to exercise as much control as desired to select, train, supervise, schedule, determine duties and fire an attendant care provider. This does not, however, preclude the State of California to require that In-Home Supportive Services Program providers undergo an enrollment process to be an eligible IHSS provider. The requirement for criminal background checks, which is mandated by statute, Section 12305.86, is specified in the State Plan Amendment for CFCO.

The base rate paid by the recipient to the provider shall not be less than the base rate used by the county for the authorized IHSS payment. Effective January 1, 2022, the County of Ventura Provider Compensation Rate is $16.35/hour (subject to change).

The consumer may hire a Public Authority Registry and/or Non-Registry (family based) provider. However, any provider hired is required to be enrolled as an IHSS Provider to be paid through the IHSS Advance Pay program.

  • The IHSS provider can start working for the consumer as of the date agreed upon and listed on the IHSS Program Recipient Designation of Provider form (SOC 426A) signed by consumer.
  • Provider cannot be paid federal and/or state money for providing services until completion of all the provider enrollment requirements. These requirements include completing, signing, and returning (in person) the Provider Enrollment Form (SOC 426), submitting fingerprints and being cleared of disqualifying crimes through a criminal background check, completing a provider orientation, and returning a signed Provider Enrollment Agreement (SOC 846).
  • The county will send a notice when the person that the consumer has chosen does or does not complete the provider enrollment requirements or if he/she/they are not eligible to be an IHSS provider.
  • If consumer chooses to have this person provide services before he/she/they are enrolled as an IHSS provider, and the county sends a notice that he/she/they are not eligible to be an IHSS provider, the consumer is responsible for paying with own money for the services that he/she/they provided before he/she/they was determined ineligible to be a provider and for any services he/she/they provide after the county notifies consumer of provider ineligibility.

Consumers may obtain names of potential providers from an agency; however, all providers are required to go through the IHSS Provider Enrollment Process (if not already an IHSS enrolled provider) to be paid by IHSS, including Advance Pay. The provider is paid the current IHSS compensation rate. A consumer may choose to pay a provider with own money, excluding Advance Pay funds, for service hours beyond the authorized IHSS monthly hours and/or payment above the current IHSS pay rate.

  • Consumer must immediately notify the Public Authority program of any changes in provider services.
  • A new hire must complete all provider enrollment requirements thoroughly and promptly (within 90-days from the Provider’s Orientation Attendance Date) with the Public Authority Program to be eligible for payment.

An overpayment will occur and the consumer will be responsible to pay for the full or partial unreconciled amount (MPP Section 30-768.213). This may include amounts which were paid by IHSS when consumer is ineligible for services. For example, payment for services on days when consumer is hospitalized or enters long term care, moves out of state or dies.

IHSS has the right to change my payment method when any of the following conditions apply:

  • Consumer uses payment for anything other than the purchase of authorized IHSS services.
  • Consumer fails to submit timesheet within 90 days from the date the Advance Payment was issued. (MPP Section 30-767.133(b)).
  • Consumer does not provide timely payment to their provider(s).
  • Consumer is no longer eligible to receive the number of IHSS authorized hours required to qualify for Advance Payment.

The County of Ventura is responsible for overpayment recovery and will attempt to assist consumers with any identified timesheet reconciliation challenges. When attempts are unsuccessful, the County will establish an overpayment and collect any unreconciled amount (MPP Sections 30-768.213 and 30-768.3). The consumer is to receive the IHSS Advance Pay Overpayment Recovery NOA form (NA 1282) informing he/she/they that the County:

  • Intends to recover overpayment via warrant offset.
  • Option of paying the outstanding balance in full or making payments in addition to the warrant offset to shorten the repayment time.
  • Period which the overpayment occurred.
  • Reason and the amount of the overpayment.
  • Description of how the amount was calculated, and the method by which the county proposes to recover the overpayment.

Advance Payment is an option available to some IHSS consumers, which allows them to receive an advanced payment for IHSS services to directly pay their provider(s). The amount of Advance Payment, including insurance deductions are for the provider(s). Therefore, the consumer is responsible to pay the entire amount of advance payment received for IHSS services to their provider(s).

  • ONLY exceptions for tax wage exclusion: Participants and recipients who live at the same home address which makes the provider eligible to have his/her IHSS/WPCS wages excluded from federal and state income tax. IMPORTANT: Wage Exclusions are NOT automatic; SOC 2298 (Live-In Self Certification Form) or the SOC 2299 (Live-In Self Certification Cancellation Form) must first be filed with the California Department of Social Services.
  • The County cannot provide any tax advice, consumers and/or providers will need to contact the IRS or a tax preparer/accountant.

Questions about your taxes? Call the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040 or go to www.irs.gov.

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