General Relief – How to Apply

Eligibility factors used to determine eligibility and benefits for the General Relief Program include income, identification, property, citizenship/immigration status, age, and residency. An assessment will be conducted to determine if you are able to work. Certain activities will be required of you based on your individual situation. If you are disabled you will be required to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Your property and income from any source will be considered to determine whether you qualify for General Relief and your benefit amount. Your income must be within the allowable income limits, your property value cannot exceed $1,000, and your liquid resources (cash on hand, checking/saving accounts, stocks, etc.) cannot be over $100.

Support Services & Program Requirements

Activities Requiring Participation – In conjunction with their General Relief worker, applicants/recipients are required to complete and sign a Personal Responsibility and Services Contract. This contract assists participants with achieving self-sufficiency, and helps determine the type of activities participants are assigned to complete.
Support & Referrals – Eligible adults are supported in their efforts toward achieving self-sufficiency through referrals to services including: employment related workshops, job search assistance, and rehabilitation services. Participants also have access to various services available through local job centers. Eligible participants receive assistance with securing income through Veterans’ benefits, Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

To apply, contact the Community Service Center nearest to you. For office locations and telephone numbers, click here. Once you apply, you will be given an appointment and asked to attend an orientation, as well as an interview to discuss your situation and need for General Relief.

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