Who may ask the grand jury to conduct an investigation?
The grand jury is authorized to investigate and respond to public complaints in areas within its jurisdiction. [For list, click here .] There is no requirement that a person be a resident of Ventura County or a citizen of the United States in order to file a complaint with the grand jury.

What is the complaint process?
Complaints must be submitted in writing, by mail or fax, as a letter or on an official complaint form. For security reasons, email complaints are not accepted.

The complaint must include the name, address, telephone number, and signature of the person(s) submitting it. It should include enough factual information to clearly define the issue and, where possible, detailed evidence supporting the complaint. All complaints received by the grand jury are treated confidentially.

All complaints received are reviewed by the Complaint Review Committee to determine whether the complainant has provided information sufficient to define an investigative inquiry and whether the issue falls within the jurisdiction of the grand jury. If the committee votes to accept the complaint, it is then referred to the appropriate investigative committee for consideration.

Although the grand jury cannot investigate every complaint it receives, every complaint is considered. It may reject a complaint for reasons such as: the information is incomplete; the matter is outside the grand jury’s jurisdiction; the matter is currently in litigation; the issue is of a criminal nature; or time or resources are not available to adequately investigate the matter.

To file a complaint, write or fax, the grand jury at:

Ventura County Grand Jury
800 S. Victoria Ave, L#3751
Ventura, CA 93009
Fax: (805) 658-4523

Note: A person with a disability or other limiting circumstance that prevents him/her from making a complaint in writing will be provided assistance through a field interview conducted by two grand jurors.


  • Download a Complaint Form in English here  or Complaint Form in Spanish here.

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