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Employers and the Department of Child Support Services

Employers play a vital role in ensuring the financial and medical security of children by cooperating with the Ventura County Department of Child Support Services. Annually, our department collects millions of dollars on behalf of children and families in Ventura County. A majority of these funds come from employers who have been issued income withholding orders. Thank you for your continued efforts!

When your company complies with child support laws, you are helping your business and the community in many ways:

  • You help kids & families!
  • You reduce fraud and error
  • You save taxpayers’ money
  • You contribute to a stable workforce


Employers have four principal responsibilities:

  • Report all newly hired employees to the state Directory of New Hires
  • When you receive an Income Withholding Order for Child Support you must follow the terms:
    • Deduct the specified amount from each paycheck
    • Remit those payments within 7 days
  • Comply with the National Medical Support Notice and sign the children up for health insurance if it is available
  • Notify the Local Child Support Agency when any employee separates from employment whether the employee is terminated, resigns, retires or is laid off. Information about an employee must be provided such as his/her earnings, current address, and health insurance coverage.


How to contact our office:

Telephone: 866-901-3212
Fax: 805-437-8308
Email (General Questions Only): :DCSS.Outreach@ventura.org

DO NOT SUBMIT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION BY EMAIL. Email is not a secure form of communication. If you need to discuss a specific case please use the phone or fax number provided.

Child Support Payments

As an employer, the payments you withhold should be sent to the State Disbursement Unit, not the local child support office. All payments are to be mailed to the address listed below. Do not send cash.

State Disbursement Unit
P.O. Box 989067
West Sacramento, CA 95798


Paying Electronically

The California State Disbursement Unit provides several methods of paying electronically including paying through Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit or Credit and credit cards. The Department of Child Support Services does not charge a fee for using any electronic method of payment.  If your company is interested in using one of these convenient options please access the following links for further information:

California State Disbursement Unit

California Department of Child Support Services Employer Page

Additional Child Support Payment Information

  • If the child support obligation is more than half of the employee’s income, by law, you are to garnish up to 50% of the employee’s net disposable income. The obligation can be solely child support that is owed or a combination of child support and medical support.
  • The Income Withholding Order contains two copies of withholding documents. One copy is for the employer and the other is for the employee.
  • The withholding priority is as follows: current child support, current spousal support (if ordered), medical support (if ordered), child support arrears, and spousal support arrears.
  • The California Child Support Director’s Association provides useful information for employers on the Employer Outreach page: http://www.childsup.ca.gov/employer.aspx
  • Frequently Asked Questions:  http://www.childsup.ca.gov/home/faqs.aspx

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