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It is our utmost honor to announce that Treasurer-Tax Collector Steven Hintz is featured in the "American City & County" magazine.   

A minute with… Steven Hintz

A minute with… Steven Hintz, treasurer-tax collector of Ventura County, Calif., and former Superior Court Judge.

Tell us about your most challenging day at the office.
The first week of taking office in January 2011 was a very challenging time. I didn’t know the staff; they didn’t know me. They knew I had been a judge for many years, but they really didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have a thorough grasp of some of the important functions of the office, so my learning curve had to be very steep. Gaining the confidence of the two assistants and the three division managers in the first week was daunting. It seemed like a long week, perhaps because it lasted a year. 
Do you have any personal, proven methods for approaching municipal challenges?
My challenges are to effectively lead my staff to accomplish the tasks of collecting, banking and investing over $7 billion of the public’s money every year... Faith, honor, duty and fidelity are principles that resonate for me. I am committed to: Tell the truth, always. Keep my promises. Talk less. Listen more. Think all the time. Take all the blame. Share all the credit. Simplify. Delegate. Skip meetings. Control my own meetings. Be on time. Practice humility, patience and optimism. Empower and develop my staff. Dress right. Follow the Boy Scout Oath and Law. Have a little fun. Keep my family more important than work.
One way in which you would change the world?
I believe the United States would be a better place, and its citizens better off, if governments were smaller and less intrusive on our daily lives. We have become so accustomed to having the government tell us how to live that we are at risk of sublimating creativity and independence in exchange for a mess of government pottage. It isn’t my idea of the American way.
One fact people might be surprised to learn?  (more...) 

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