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Emancipation Health Consultation

Approximately six months prior to emancipation, social workers will schedule an Emancipation Health conference between the foster youth and a Public Health Nurse. All foster youth who will be emancipating from foster care (in or out-of-county, including out-of-state) are eligible to receive this service. Consultations will be held by phone and mail for out-of-area youth.

Youth will receive:

  • An individualized health consultation focusing on specific health needs
  • General health education including a list of area medical resources
  • Information on extended Medi-Cal benefits
  • A zip binder with an up-to-date Health & Education Passport (HEP)
  • A written consultation summary

Free Health Coverage for Former Foster Youth

If you were in foster care on your 18th birthday, you are eligible for free Medi-Cal benefits until your 26th birthday (regardless of your income). Attached is a quick guide and one page form you can use to sign up and take to any Human Services Agency Community Services Center. You are encouraged to call Nicole Martinez - (805) 582-9615 for assistance.

Additional Resources

Mental Health Services
24-Hour Crisis Line - (805) 652-6727Call: (805) 652-6727
California Coalition for Youth - (800) 843-5200Call: (805) 843-5200
Clinicas de Camino Real - (805) 483-6067Call: (805) 483-6067
Interface Children Family Services - (805) 485-6114Call: (805) 485-6114 x662
Ventura County Family Jewish Service - (805) 641-6565Call: (805) 641-6565
New Beginnings Counseling Center - (805) 987-3162Call: (805) 987-3162
TAY Tunnel (805) 240-2538Call: (805) 240-2538

Ventura County Behavioral Health

  • Fillmore Behavioral Health Youth Program - (805) 524-8660Call: (805) 524-8660
  • Oxnard Behavioral Health Youth Program - (805) 981-8460Call: (805) 8460
  • Santa Paula Behavioral Health Youth Program - (805) 525-1618Call: (805) 525-1618
  • Simi Valley Behavioral Health Youth Program - (805) 582-4080Call: (805) 582-4080
  • Thousand Oaks Behavioral Health Youth Program - (805) 777-3505Call: (805) 777-3505
  • Ventura Behavioral Health Youth Program - (805) 289-3100Call: (805) 289-3100

Pregnancy & Reproductive Care
Planned Parenthood (805) 658-3232Call: (805) 658-3232
Crisis Pregnancy Center (805) 648-3301Call: (805) 648-3301
Tender Life Maternity Home (805) 653-7474Call: (805) 653-7474

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