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Some of our often recruited positions:

HS Child Welfare Social Worker I – IV
The HS Child Welfare Social Worker performs casework activities relating to abused, neglected, molested, or abandoned children. These activities include, but are not limited to, investigation, placement, and supervision of children under Juvenile Court orders or awaiting court determination, involuntary placement, or receiving voluntary services.

HS Field-Based Case Aide I/II
Under immediate (I) or general (II) supervision, this position involves transporting children and teens to various appointments, assists professional staff in providing indirect and direct case and program-related support services for human services clients and members of their family.

HS Client Benefit Specialist Trainee – IV
The HS Client Benefit Specialist performs tasks related to the determination of eligibility for multiple public assistance and human service programs in accordance with local, state, and federal requirements.

HS In-Home Supportive Services Social Worker I – IV
The HS In-Home Supportive Services Social Worker conducts mental, physical, and social assessments to provide case planning and determination of eligibility for authorization of services to disabled or frail adults.

HS Homeless Services Social Worker I – IV
The HS Homeless Services Social Worker provides mobile outreach to the homeless; conducts mental, physical and social assessments; develops case plans; makes referrals to community resources; and collaborates with multiple partner agencies.

Community Services Worker I – II – III
The Community Services Worker assists professional staff in providing transportation, referrals, translation, and program related services to the various clients served by the Human Services Agency.

HS Veteran Claims Officer I – II
The HS Veteran Claims Officer assists eligible veterans and their dependents/survivors in obtaining benefits under federal and state laws pertaining to Veterans affairs.

HS Adult Protective Services Social Worker I – IV
The HS Adult Protective Services Social Worker assesses, authorizes and/or performs social and protective case management activities related to frail, disabled, abused, and/or homeless adults.

HS Employment Specialist I – IV
The HS Employment Specialist is a career placement case manager and provides referrals as needed for successful job placement.

HS Administrative Specialist I – II
The HS Administrative Specialist performs specialized administrative duties, or acts as an administrative technical resource in specialized areas of assignment.

HS Program Analyst I – II
The HS Program Analyst plans, analyzes, develops and monitors specialized human social service program policies and procedures.

HS Program Coordinator I – II – III
The HS Program Coordinator plans, organizes, coordinates and/or supervises specialized agency-wide human services programs and activities.

HS Program Manager I – II
The HS Program Manager provides management and/or supervision of agency or departmental program operations or services.

HS Program Aide – HS Program Assistant I – II – III
The HS Program Aide/Assistant provides administrative support for operations or management activities for managers within the Human Services Agency.

Public Administrator / Public Guardian

Child Welfare Social Worker

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

National Professional Social Work Month

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