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Transportation Assistance

There are limited funds available through the Independent Living Program (ILP) Individual/Extracurricular and Children’s Services Funding for foster youth to assist with transportation needs such as driving permits, driver’s training, or bus passes. Requests for funds should be made directly to the Community Services Coordinator at (805) 385-9136.

Emancipated youth should contact the Community Services Coordinator at (805) 385-9174 for information and referrals to transportation resources.

Transportation Resources

Camarillo Transit & Dial-A-Ride – (805) 988-4228

Gold Coast Transit (GCT) – (805) 487-4222 or (805) 643-3158

Moorpark Transit System – (805) 529-6864 x257

Simi Valley Transit System – (805) 583-6456

Thousand Oaks Transit – (805) 375-5473 or (805) 375-5467

VISTA – regular bus routes and two general public dial-a-ride services. For more information call (800) 438-1112

Bus Passes – If you need to purchase a bus pass, call (800) 438-1112

Many Motors – (805) 485-6288
Many Motors is an automobile donation program whereby donated vehicles are repaired and given a new life. Vehicles are then provided to low-income families striving toward self-sufficiency.

Getting a Driver’s License

In order to obtain your driving permit, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires the following:

1. Completion of Driver’s Education Classes (available online)

2. Proof of enrollment in a Driver’s Training School

3. Original Birth Certificate (available from the County Recorder’s office in the county of birth)

4. Application fee: $33.00

Check out the DMV website for more information.

Contact Human Services Agency
Human Services Agency
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