Mike Duncan, Energy Manager: 

Welcome to Utilities

The Utilities group within the Facilities Maintenance organization is responsible for projecting the costs of energy (electricity, natural gas and water) to help prepare accurate future-year budgets, is responsible for providing the funding to pay the monthly utility bills for most GSA-maintained buildings and is responsible to develop and implement specific projects designed to improve the energy efficiency and reduce the operating costs of GSA-maintained buildings.

At the present time, utility costs for GSA-maintained buildings is approximately as follows:

  • Electricity: $5,000,000 per year
  • Natural gas: $ 650,000 per year
  • Water: $ 900,000 per year

The Facilities maintenance organization has developed an Energy Action Plan that describes an over-arching policy toward energy efficiency, identifies approaches that GSA will use throughout its inventory of maintained buildings to improve operational efficiency and identifies specific projects to be completed within the next twenty-four months. A copy of the Plan is available to be viewed via the link below. The plan will be up-dated approximately every two years.

Energy Action Plan