What is a PM (Preventative Maintenance)?

To insure the safety and reliability of the fleet, preventative maintenance schedules are in place to reduce costly repairs and downtime. All vehicles and equipment are scheduled for preventative maintenance as follows:

Gas & Diesel Powered Vehicle 7.5K miles or 6 months
Police Patrol Vehicles 4K miles or 4 months
Off Road Diesel Equipment Varies from EQ to EQ, up to 6 months
Heavy Equipment Gasoline 7.5K miles or 6 months
Heavy Equipment Diesel 3K miles or 3 months





Corrective Maintenance, Repairs, Inspectors, and Additional Services

Basic preventative maintenance (PM) care accounts for only a third of the services Fleet Operations provides. The majority of services performed by Fleet is highly technical work allowing for a full vehicle life cycle that includes mandatory inspections meeting legal and environmental regulations, vehicle customizations tailored to individual customer requirements, manufacturer warranty repairs performed in house to avoid the costs of transporting vehicles to and from the dealer and repairs that keep vehicles functioning longer and avoids expensive early replacement.


The shop hourly rate covers all shop costs including salaries, benefits and supervisors. Rates are set at each fiscal year…

Shop Hourly Rates
Fiscal Year Automotive Heavy Equipment
2017 $100 $108
2018  $105 $150