Housekeeping, Solid Waste & Grounds

Rosalind Harris, ManagerRosalind Harris, Manager: 654-3721

Welcome to GSA Housekeeping, Solid Waste & Grounds

Services Provided:  Housekeeping, Solid Waste and Grounds provides housekeeping and landscaping services for most County facilities. These tasks are accomplished through a combination of in-house staff and contract services. Other departments such as VCMC, Parks, Harbor, Libraries, and Fire Stations may request service for their facilities on a time and materials basis. Housekeeping & Grounds services include:

  • Regular office cleaning
  • Periodic carpet shampooing
  • Professional floor care and refinishing
  • High rise window cleaning
  • Trash, recycling and green waste management
  • Pest and rodent control
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Tree trimming
  • Parking lot & street sweeping
  • Weed abatement services
  • Landscape & Housekeeping contract administration

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