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Government Affairs, Water, and Energy

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Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Division manages the County’s annual state and federal legislative program, including recommendations for legislative policies/platform, developing an advocacy strategy, and managing state and federal advocacy contract services. The Division serves as liaison to local advisory groups and statewide organizations – including the Ventura Council of Governments, Regional Defense Partnership 21st Century, Urban Counties of California, California State Association of Counties, and the National Association of Counties – on high impact policy issues and activities that promote the best interest of the County.


The Water Division serves as Chair of the Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County (WCVC), a 60-plus member committee that develops and implements the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. The WCVC is responsible for bringing water and water-related funding to Ventura County. The Division also acts as the Project Director for the Proposition 84 Integrated Regional Water Management Round 1 $17.5 million Implementation grant, Round 2 $18 million Implementation grant, Drought Round $8.4 million Implementation grant, and the $12.3 million Final Round Implementation grant.


The Energy Division supports the County’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and efforts to improve its environmental performance by managing the Climate Protection Plan activities and responsibilities. The Division chairs the Ventura County Sustainability Committee and assists the Ventura County Board of Supervisor’s representative to the Clean Power Alliance of Southern California – a Community Choice Energy Joint Powers Authority (JPA) that will procure alternative energy supplies to the residents of Ventura County.

The Energy Division is now the program administrator of the Tri-County Regional Energy Network (3C-REN) with the California Public Utility Commission. The 3C-REN proposal includes offering a variety of programs designed for regional integration and delivery of energy efficiency solutions that pilot innovative ideas and serve the specific needs of the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo region.

Additionally, the Energy Division administers the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance (VCREA), a JPA composed of public agencies working in collaboration to address good energy stewardship and sustainability practices in the region. VCREA coordinates and assists public agencies, including local jurisdictions, schools, and special districts, as well as businesses and residents of Ventura County to best utilize the many resources available to achieve the goal of creating a more sustainable future for the entire region. VCREA’s mission is to partner local resources for residential, commercial, and municipal energy efficiency, serving as a one-source resource.

VCREA is the Program Implementer for the Local Government Partnership (LGP) program, which provides centralized access to Southern California Edison’s and Southern California Gas Company’s wide array of energy efficiency programs. The LGP’s focus is to 1) assist the County and ten local cities to address energy efficiency in buildings, 2) offer energy efficiency trainings, 3) support residents through education and outreach, 4) assist local businesses through the Ventura County Green Business Program, and 5) support schools, community colleges, and special districts with their efforts to achieve their sustainability goals.

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