Farmworker Resource Program Advisory Committee

The Board of Supervisors approved the creation of the Farmworker Resource Program (FRP) on June 6, 2017 with the program goals of:

  • Building trust and relationships with farm workers
  • Promoting and enhancing the reputation of the agriculture industry in Ventura County
  • Attracting farm workers to Ventura County as a first-choice destination to work in agriculture
  • Assisting farm workers of existing labor laws protecting them
  • Assisting farm workers in navigating public agencies and seeking resolutions to workplace issues
  • Recommending job descriptions for program staff
  • Recommending an entity to house the program

An eight-member advisory committee was created with four members appointed by the Farm Bureau and four members by the Mixteco Indigena Community Organization (MICOP) to help design, create, monitor and evaluate the program. Additionally, the County Executive Office was directed to facilitate the FRPAC meetings.


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Current Members

Farm Bureau Appointments

Yissel Barajas, Reiter Affiliated Company (6/16/2017 – )

Ellen Brokaw, Brokaw Ranch Company (6/16/2017 – ) – Co-Chair

Dave Murray, Andrew and Williamson (6/16/2017 – )

Danny Pereira, Rio Farms and Farm Bureau (6/16/2017 – )

MICOP Appointments

Jessica Arciniega, Agricultural Labor Relations Board (8/14/2017 – )

Juvenal Solano, MICOP (8/14/2017 – )

Yajaira Valdovinos, California Royal Legal Assistance (6/5/2019 – )

Lucas Zucker, CAUSE (8/14/2017 – ) – Co-Chair

Past Members

MICOP Appointments

Natalia Ospina, California Royal Legal Assistance (8/14/2017 – 1/11/2019)