District 2 - Supervisor Linda Parks

625 West Hillcrest Drive Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone: (805) 214-2510 | Fax: (805) 480-0585
Toll Free Number: (800) 660-5474
Email: Linda.Parks@ventura.org

Communities Represented:

Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Oak Park, Bell Canyon, Hidden Valley, Lake Sherwood, Somis, Las Posas Valley, California State University Channel Islands, Portions of the Oxnard Plain, Santa Rosa Valley, Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu, California Air National Guard, and South Coast

Articles by Supervisor Parks

2019 Articles
2018 Articles
February Why Are Big Utilities So Afraid?
2017 Articles
April Reinstating Ventura County’s Ethics Commission
May Environmental Justice Means Healthy and Safe Housing
2016 Articles
July Protecting Farms, Fields and Wildlife
August Ten Facts on SOAR ‐ Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources
2015 Articles
July The Keys to Better Bus Service in Ventura County: Consolidate the Unconnected Bus Systems
2014 Articles
April Stepping Up for NAMI
May Unopposed and Focusing on the Positive
December Reflections on 2014
2013 Articles
January Hydraulic Fracturing: Is it Safe?
2012 Articles
November Fighting Back Against Dishonest Campaigns
2011 Articles
January Ensuring Good Stewardship of Open Space
and Farmland for Future Generations
February Helping Elderly Loved Ones Receive Residential Care
April A New Business Model to Help Libraries
May Taking the Edge Off a ‘No’ Vote: The Santa Monica Mountains
Convservancy’s Deal with U2 Guitarist David Evans
August Healthy Outcomes or Tragic Consequences?
Finding Effective Paths to Treating Mental Illness
2010 Articles
January Water Demand, Cost, and Impact on Land Use Decisions
February A Day in the Life of a County Supervisor
March A Broken State of Affairs
April Citizen Participation is a Key to Good Government
July An Election Opportunity to Vote, and to Run for Office
August Human Action Determines Future
for Bobcats and Mountain Lions in the Santa Monica Mountains
October Voter Input Needed, Apply by November 2nd
November Urban Runoff Reflects Our Lifestyle
December Crisis Intervention Training Saves Lives
2009 Articles
January Government Collaboration for Regional Benefits
March Women Saving The Planet
April Ensuring All Areas of the Fire District are Well Served
May The Swine Flu Pandemic
June Municipal Advisory Councils: Bringing Communities Together
July On My Soap Box About Ventura County Government
August When It Comes to Boeing’s Santa Susana Field Lab,
the More Disclosure the Better
August Transportation and Land Use Options for Sustainable Communities
September Pedal Power: Making Bicycling a Transportation Option
October Ventura County Libraries: A Resource for All
2008 Articles
January 2007: An Environmental Year in Review
February Preventing Homelessness
March Transportation Choices
April In Search of Sales Tax Dollars
May Integrity of Information: The Foundation for Good Decisions
June Buying Local: Good for the Farmer, Good for the Consumer
July Help is Just a Phone Call Away: 2-1-1 and Reverse 911
September Meeting the Challenge: Greenhose Gas Emissions and AB32
October Fiscally Conservative Policies are Needed for Our Financial Security
December The Mentally Ill in Our Jails
2007 Articles
January Happy New Year with County Services
February Learning from Emergencies
February Protecting the Environment from the Unintentional
March Forecast for Slow Growth
April Safe Harbor
May Keeping Open Space Lands Between Our Cities
June Being a Senior Ombudsman
July Shining a Light on a Small Special District
August The Special Flavors of Thousand Oaks Boulevard
September Open Space and Agricultural Land Preservation: Make No Small Plans
December Measures to Reduce Traffic Congestion
2006 Articles
July Assisting Emancipated Foster Youth
August Elections and Campaigns
September Anticoagulants and Mountain Lions
November Santa Susana Field Lab – Rocketdyne