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Facility Information for Oxnard Airport (OXR)

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 Airport Data

Runway 7 Runway 25
Dimensions: 5,953 FT. x 100 FT. 5,953 FT. x 100 FT.
Runway Surface: Asphalt Asphalt
Runway Condition: Good Good
Traffic Pattern: Left Left
Runway Markings: Non-precision Instrument Precision Instrument
Marking Conditions: Good Good
Latitude: 34-12-03.152N 34-12-02.612N
Longitude: 119-13-01.394W 119-11-50.565W
Elevation: 31.9 FT. 43.0 FT.
Threshold Crossing Height: 25 FT. AGL 25 FT. AGL
Visual Glide Path Angle: 3.00 degrees 3.00 degrees
Visual Slope Indicator: 4-box PAPI on Left 4-Light PAPI on Left
RVR Equipment: None None
Runway Identifier Lights: Yes Yes
Runway Edge Lights: Medium Intensity Medium Intensity
Approach Lights: No MALSR: 1,400 FT. medium intensity approach lighting system with runway alignment indicator lights
Centerline Lights: No No
Instrument Approach: No ILS
Displaced Threshold: No Yes
Displaced Threshold Distance: None 453 FT.
Touchdown Point: Yes Yes
Touchdown Lights: No No
Touchdown Elevation: 37.5 FT. 39.7 FT.
Obstructions: None Pole
Obstruction Height: Not Applicable 70 FT.
Slope To Clear Obstruction: Not Applicable 30:1
Distance of Obstruction from Threshold: Not Applicable 2,300 FT.
Distance of Obstruction from Centerline: Not Applicable 210 FT.
Additional Obstruction Remarks: Not Applicable 45:1 Displaced Threshold. 123 FT. AGL Spire Displaced 200 FT. Left

 Notes and Restrictions

  • No touch and go, stop and go, or taxiback operations between 2000 and 0700 local
  • Taxiway C gross weight is restricted to 12,500 lbs. or less
  • Noise sensitive areas all quadrants. Practice noise abatement, fly quiet. No turns before reaching 743′ MSL
  • TPA: 1043′ MSL single engine; 1443′ MSL multi-engine and jets

 Airport Frequencies

Facility: Frequency:
Oxnard Tower 134.95
Point Mugu Departure 124.70
Oxnard Ground 121.90
Clearance Delivery N/A
CTAF 134.95
Aspen Helicopters Unicom 122.95
ATIS (805)985-1758
ASOS (805)382-9294
Point Mugu Approach 124.70
OXR ILS 108.70
Hawthorne FSS (HHR): TF 1-800-WX-BRIEF / NOTAM file OXR
Approach/Departure service provided by Los Angeles Center on frequencies 135.50 and 327.10 (Santa Barbara RCAG) when Point Mugu Approach Control is closed.

Note: The on-duty Airport Operations Officer may be reached through the Oxnard Ground controller on 121.90 for assistance between 0700 and 2100 local. Between 2100 and 0700 local the Airport Operations Officer may be reached on the CTAF frequency (134.95).

 Navigation to the Airport

VOR: Radial: Distance: VOR Name: Frequency: Variation:
CMA 248 5.6 Camarillo VOR/DME 115.80 15 East
VTU 288 9.4 Ventura VOR/DME 108.20 15 East
FIM 225 18.7 Fillmore VORTAC 112.50 15 East
RZS 110 33.5 San Marcus VORTAC 114.90 14 East
VNY 253 35.5 Van Nuys VOR/DME 113.10 15 East
SMO 272 39.0 Santa Monica VOR/DME 110.80 15 East
NDB: Heading: Distance: NDB Name: Frequency: Variation:
PAI 250 39.5 Pacoima 370 15 East
Note: OXR ILS (108.7) unmonitored when tower is closed. OM and MM unmonitored.

 Airport Fees and Rates

Transient Overnight Parking Rates:
Single Engine $8.00 per day
Multi-Engine $10.00 per day
Aircraft over 12,500 lbs. gross weight $1.39 per 1,000 lbs. (Max. gross take-off weight) rounded up to the next 10,000 lbs. increment.
Landing Fees:
Aircraft over 12,500 lbs. gross weight. Fees based on $1.39 per 1,000 lbs.