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Facility Information for Camarillo Airport (CMA)

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 Airport Data

Runway 8 Runway 26
Dimensions: 6,013 FT. x 150 FT. 6,013 FT. x 150 FT.
Runway Surface: Asphalt/Concrete Asphalt/Concrete
Runway Condition: Good Good
Traffic Pattern: Left Left
Runway Markings: Non-precision Instrument Non-precision Instrument
Marking Conditions: Excellent Excellent
Latitude: 34-12-49.802 N 34-12-49.220 N
Longitude: 119-06-15.321 W 119-05-03.761 W
Elevation: 61.0 FT. 74.6 FT.
Threshold Crossing Height: 48 FT. AGL 48 FT. AGL
Visual Glide Path Angle: 3.00 degrees 3.00 degrees
Visual Slope Indicator: 4-Light PAPI on Left 4-Light PAPI on Left
RVR Equipment: None None
Runway Identifier Lights: Yes Yes
Runway Edge Lights: Medium Intensity Medium Intensity
Displaced Threshold: No No
Touchdown Point: Yes Yes
Touchdown Lights: No No
Touchdown Elevation: 66.0 FT. 75.0 FT.
Obstructions: None None

 Notes and Restrictions

  • Attended 0500-0100
  • 100LL and Jet A available
  • Fuel (100LL) available 24 hours – self-serve fuel island located at base of control tower
  • Noise sensitive all quadrants, practice noise abatement/fly quiet/procedures
  • TPA: 875′ MSL single engine; 1075′ MSL multi-engine and jets
  • Use extreme caution for Oxnard and Point Mugu Airport traffic areas
  • Use caution for high performance military aircraft in the vicinity of the airport
  • Mountain 1173′ MSL, beginning 5 miles from East end Rwy 26
  • Mountain 1814′ MSL 5 miles to East-Southeast of AER 26
  • Taxi, takeoff, or landing on chevroned area of runway is PROHIBITED
  • VFR Straight-in-approaches to Runway 26 are PROHIBITED when tower is closed
  • No departures between the hours of 0000 and 0500 local without prior approval from Airport Director
  • No formation take-offs or landings permitted
  • Avoid overflight of pistol range located South of Runway 8 threshold
  • Taxiway D gross weight is restricted to 75,000 lbs. (dual wheel aircraft)
  • Use caution for numerous flocks of geese in the vicinity of the airport
  • Use caution for coyotes in the vicinity of the runway and all taxiways
  • Ultralight activity Southwest quadrant of airport
  • NTSD object free area East end Twy F has impaired wing clearance for aircraft with wingspan of 56′ to 80′. Aircraft with 80′ wingspan have 10′ wingtip clearance on either side.
  • Aircraft with wingspan greater than 80 ft. are PROHIBITED East of Taxiway F without prior permission from the Airport Director.

 Airport Frequencies

Facility: Frequency:
ATIS (805)484-3351 126.025
Camarillo Ground 121.80
Camarillo Tower 128.20
Channel Islands Aviation Unicom 123.3
Clearance Delivery 120.75
CTAF 128.20
Point Mugu Approach 124.70
Point Mugu Departure 124.70
Sun Air Aviation Unicom 122.95
Western Cardinal, Inc. Unicom 123.5
Hawthorne FSS (HHR): TF 1-800-WX-BRIEF / NOTAM file CMA
Approach/Departure service provided by Los Angeles Center on frequencies 135.50 and 327.10 (Santa Barbara RCAG) when Point Mugu Approach Control is closed.

Note: The on-duty Airport Operations Officer may be reached through the Camarillo Ground controller on 121.80 for assistance between 0700 and 2100 local. Between 2100 and 0700 local the Airport Operations Officer may be reached on the CTAF frequency (128.20).

 Navigation to the Airport

VOR: Radial: Distance: VOR Name: Frequency: Variation:
CMA At Field At Field Camarillo VOR/DME 115.80 15 East
VTU 324 6.3 Ventura VOR/DME 108.20 15 East
FIM 216 13.6 Fillmore VORTAC 112.50 15 East
VNY 254 29.9 Van Nuys VOR/DME 113.10 15 East
SMO 276 33.9 Santa Monica VOR/DME 110.80 15 East
GMN 182 37.2 Gorman VORTAC 116.10 16 East
RZS 104 37.9 San Marcus VORTAC 114.90 14 East
LHS 207 38.1 Lake Hughes VORTAC 108.40 15 East
NDB: Heading: Distance: NDB Name: Frequency: Variation:
PAI 250 33.9 Pacoima 370 15 East
Note: The CMA VOR/DME unusable: 315°-245° beyond 20 nautical miles below 14,000′ and 276°-300° beyond 20 nautical miles below 14,000′.

 Airport Fees and Rates

Transient Overnight Parking Rates:
Single Engine $8.00 per day
Multi-Engine $10.00 per day
Aircraft over 12,500 lbs. gross weight $1.39 per 1,000 lbs. per day (Max gross take-off weight) rounded up to next 10,000 lbs. increment.
Landing Fees:
Aircraft over 12,500 lbs. gross weight. Fees based on $1.39 per 1,000 lbs. of max gross weight