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Project # Airport Project Description Bid Due Date Engineer’s Estimate
NA No Current Bids

Bid Disclaimer:
Electronic copies of Project Plans are available solely for the convenience of prospective bidders (whether as a prime contractor or sub-contractor) on the Project, and are not considered part of the contract documents. Downloading or viewing electronic copies of the project plans does not place your name on the planholder’s list and will not ensure you will be notified of any addendums. No representation or warranty is made, either expressed or implied, with regard to the accuracy or suitability of said electronic copies for any purpose whatsoever. Utilization or viewing of said electronic copies shall constitute implicit acknowledgement and acceptance of the provisions of this paragraph.

Preliminary Project Bid Results
(Bid results are as read on the date of the bid opening and are subject to review.)

Project # Airport Project Description Bid Date Bid Abstract
CMA-213 Camarillo Waypoint Cafe Parking Lot Improvements 5/24/2016 Results
CMA-200 Camarillo CUE Durley Avenue Improvements, Phase 2 6/30/2015 Results
CMA-206 Camarillo Aircraft Aprons & Gate No. 1 Pavement Rehabilitation 6/2/2015 Results
CMA-198 & 199 Camarillo Aviation Drive Rehabilitation & Aircraft Aprons Rehabilitation 7/22/2014 Results
OXR-126 Oxnard Central Aprons Rehabilitation 7/22/2014 Results
OXR-125 Oxnard Runway Shoulder Stabilization 5/6/2014 Results

Standard Plates:

DOA-01 Utility Trench within Pavement

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Meeting: Date: Time: Location:
Aviation Advisory Commission First Monday of the Month 7:00 P.M. Camarillo City Hall
601 Carmen Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
Aviation Advisory Commission – Agenda Only (8/6/2018)

Aviation Advisory Commission – Agenda with Full Packet (8/6/2018)

Airport Authority Second Thursday of the Month 7:00 P.M. Camarillo City Hall
601 Carmen Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
Airport Authority – Cancellation Notice (8/10/17)
Airport Land Use Commission First Friday of the Month 10:00 A.M. Camarillo City Hall
601 Carmen Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
Board of Supervisors
Agendas available the Friday before each meeting
Each Tuesday (except 5th Tues.) 8:30 A.M. County Government Center
800 S. Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003
Camarillo City Council
Agendas available within 48 hours prior to meeting
2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the Month 5:00 P.M. Camarillo City Hall
601 Carmen Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010
Oxnard City Council Each Tuesday (except 5th Tues.) 7:00 P.M. Oxnard City Hall
300 W. 3rd Street
Oxnard, CA 93030
Click on the blue links to see available agendas associated with the respective meetings.


To: All Pilots Flying in the Camarillo, Oxnard, Santa Paula Area
From: County of Ventura Department of Airports
Date: April 6, 1998 (On-going notice)
Subject: High Density Air Traffic Area

The fatal mid-air collision of two aircraft near Corona Airport brings to mind the risks we face everyday when flying in a small area that serves three general aviation airports.

Many of you have expressed concern with the heavy amount of air traffic moving over the Saticoy Bridge area. This traffic may well be headed to four different airports and listening on four different radio frequencies. We share your concern that this presents a definite hazard.

We’re interested in separating the inbound and outbound traffic northwest of Camarillo Airport, with inbound traffic remaining north of Central Avenue and outbound traffic remaining south of it. There would be no right turn by departing pilots until reaching the west boundary of the airport.

Please share your ideas as to how we might minimize these risks. In the meantime, all pilots are strongly urged to maintain awareness of the problem, to spread the word to fellow pilots, and to exercise extreme vigilance when flying in these areas.

Director of Airports Vacant (805) 388-4200
Deputy Director of Airports Jorge Rubio, AAE (805) 388-4201
Camarillo Airport Ops Supervisor Vacant (805) 388-4246
Oxnard Airport Ops Supervisor John Feldhans, CM (805) 382-3024
Projects Manager Erin Powers (805) 388-4205
Projects Engineer (805) 388-4321
Engineering Technician Tom Rooney (805) 388-4268
Management Assistant Ana Castro (805) 388-4211
Management Assistant Lorrie Brown (805) 388-4273
Special Projects Vacant (805) 388-4255
Accounting Manager Jamal Ghazaleh (805) 388-4207
Fiscal Assistant Llareli Montejano (805) 388-4251
Senior Accounting Technician Adriana Garcia Calderon (805) 388-4204
Maintenance Supervisor Byron Hamilton (805) 388-4206
Maintenance Worker Luis Barajas (805) 388-4203
Maintenance Worker Chris Couch (805) 382-3023
Maintenance Worker Vacant (805) 388-4203
Maintenance Worker Vacant (805) 388-4203
Maintenance Worker Paul Bock (805) 388-4203
Maintenance Worker Timothy Jungenberg (805) 388-4203
Maintenance Worker Victor Mitjans (805) 388-4203
Maintenance Worker Edward Toves (805) 388-4203
Maintenance Worker Michael Wickland, ACE (805) 382-3023
Maintenance Worker Miguel Guillen (805) 388-4203
Operations Officer Vacant (805) 388-4497
Operations Officer Cullen Ridgeway (805) 388-4497
Operations Officer Carlos Enriquez (805) 388-4497
Operations Officer Vince DellaRipa
(805) 388-4497
Operations Officer Luis Ortiz (805) 388-4497
Operations Officer Sean Herder, ACE (805) 388-4497
Operations Officer Cullin Ridgeway (805) 388-4497
Operations Officer Mario Santana (805) 388-4497
Operations Officer Gabriel Williams (805) 388-4497
After Hours Contact Oxnard Ops (805) 947-6804
After Hours Contact Camarillo Ops (805) 947-6803