Nursery Inspection


The Nursery Inspection program benefits the public and the consumer by regulating the quality and identity of wholesale nursery stock offered for sale in the County. Nursery stock at wholesale nursery locations in Ventura County is inspected by the Agricultural Commissioner ( CAC). Exceptions are made for nursery stock in the first year of a two year production cycle, nursery stock used for propagation and nursery stock that is inspected by the staff from the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). Nursery stock is inspected to ensure that it is “commercially clean” or free from serious pests, and that the seller is appropriately licensed by the CDFA. The Agricultural Commissioner will also investigate complaints against retail nursery establishments, regarding the condition of the nursery stock, the presence of pests, or the absence of appropriate labeling.

Inspection of wholesale nurseries is one of the ways that the CAC ensures that pests injurious to the agricultural industry are not brought into the county on nursery stock. Nursery stock is one of the most valuable commodities grown in Ventura County. Nursery stock from Ventura County is exported to many areas of the state and country. This inspection program compliments the Pest Exclusion and Plant Quarantine Program by providing funding for Agricultural Inspectors to examine nursery growing grounds for the presence of pests that may not occur in the area. Ventura County has both incoming and outgoing nursery stock. The inspection helps protect our industry from incoming pests and helps prevent pests occurring here from being spread to other areas where they are not yet established.