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Welcome to the VCERA website!

The Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association (VCERA) was established in 1947 for employees of the County of Ventura pursuant to the provisions of the County Employees’ Retirement Law of 1937 (California Government Code sections 31450 through 31897).  VCERA provides retirement benefit services to its more than 15,000 active and retired members.

To contact the Ventura County Employees' Retirement Association, please click or contact by mail at:

Ventura County Employees' Retirement Association
1190 S Victoria Avenue, Suite 200, Ventura, CA 93003
Office: (805) 339-4250  Fax: (805) 339-4269 


Annual Member Statements

VCERA's annual statements, which are typically mailed in April, have been delayed this year; initially, the delay was to June to accommodate VCERA's new pension administration system. They are now scheduled for August to also include an exciting new addition. With the VCERA Annual Benefit Statements, active members will receive a personalized Compensation and Benefit Statement, developed by County of Ventura Human Resources. This statement will provide you with a more comprehensive summary of the total compensation paid towards your wages and benefits as a County employee.


Tier 1 and Safety
Annual Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (COLA)

On February 27, 2017, the Board of Retirement approved the annual retiree Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2017. The following COLA increases will be reflected in the April 30, 2017 retiree benefits checks for all Tier 1 and Safety members:

Retired 04/01/1982 or prior 3%
Retired 04/02/1982 to 04/01/2017 2%

Retired members with eligible SEIU Tier II COLA service will receive a 2% COLA on that portion of service on April 1, 2017.



The Ventura County Employees’ Retirement Association (VCERA) is committed to providing retirement, death and disability benefits to our members and their beneficiaries in an accurate and timely manner.  VCERA shall strive to project a positive image by the delivery of services to our members, their beneficiaries and all other stakeholders, in a courteous and professional manner.


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