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Case Management programs arrange for, and monitor the use of, community services to help the frail elderly, and/or disabled to avoid or delay institutional placement while fostering independent living. These services are offered by public, nonprofit, and for-profit agencies. See service provider listing for more information.

Case Management is the next step after contacting Information & Assistance.  Case Management may be needed when a person is released from the hospital after an illness or accident or a family caregiver is feeling overwhelmed or because a person would like to plan for future long term care needs.  A social worker and/or a nurse known as a “Case Manager” will meet with the client in their home for an assessment of their needs and available resources.  

1. After this meeting, a plan for service known as a “care plan” is created with the client’s input to address concerns, outline interventions, and specify who is responsible for each intervention.

2. Then the Case Manager refers the client to community-based services, monitor those services, and provide monthly contacts & periodic home visits.  

3. The Case Manager also helps to solve problems that come up as the care plan is implemented.  

Most Care Plan items are provided by family members, outside agencies, and as funding permits, purchased with funds provided by the State of California.

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