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The Board of Supervisors enacted the Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance to help the individual voter. This is accomplished by reducing the potential influence, and the appearance of influence, resulting from large campaign contributions to candidates, committees supporting candidates, or independent expenditure committees. Thus, promoting the integrity of the process of electing Ventura County candidates and the integrity of Ventura County Government.

The Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance assigns duties and responsibilities that pertain to the timely release and publishing of campaign finance information, and it mandates that all candidates, candidate controlled committees, and independent expenditure committees raising or expending at least $1,000 file campaign statements electronically with the County Clerk Elections Division.  

An appointed Compliance Officer reviews and coordinates investigations of complaints alleging violation of this ordinance. The five-member Campaign Finance Ethics Commission receives recommendations from the Compliance Officer for dismissal of complaints, adoption of voluntary settlement agreements, or preside as the trier of fact and law at evidentiary hearings.

link dblArrowFormal Complaint FormAcrobatReader Return completed form and $35 filing fee to: 

County of Ventura Clerk of the Board
Ventura County Campaign Finance Reform
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009-1920

For information or referral contact: 

Campaign Finance Staff
Sally Harrison, Program Management Analyst
(805) 477-1994 

Clerk of the Board
(805) 654-2251

Please address inquiries regarding compliance with the Campaign Finance Reform Ordinance to:

Governing Policies
link dblArrowOrdinance No. 4510AcrobatReader (Adopted April 25, 2017)
link dblArrowOperating and Hearing Policies and ProceduresAcrobatReader


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Research Campaign Finance Complaints and Investigations
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link dblArrow Complaint Summaries by Election Cycles 2006 to 2012


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