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If your property was damaged in the Thomas Fire,
you may apply for a Calamity Reassessment
directly with the Assessor's Office.

Visit the Assessor's Website to file a Calamity Claim at 

After the Assessor issues a Notice of Reassessment due to Calamity,
you may file an Assessment Appeal Application with the Clerk of the Board,
within 6 months of the date printed on the Assessor's Notice,
if you are in disagreement with the amount of the new assessment.




An “Assessment Appeal Application” is a formal appeal of a property’s assessed value established by the Assessor’s Office. By filing an Assessment Appeal Application, you are disagreeing with the Assessor’s assessed value and are requesting a hearing before either an Assessment Appeals Board or Hearing Officer. Please be prepared to submit information supporting   your opinion if requested by the Assessor’s Office and at the appeal hearing proving the Assessor’s Office value is incorrect. The Assessment Appeals Board or Hearing Officer will only consider relevant evidence that is presented at the appeal hearing, which is an open public meeting.

To assist you in understanding the appeal process and prepare for an appeal hearing, it is strongly recommended you read the Appeal Information and Helpful Links, and view the Assessment Appeal Videos below.

Additionally, it is important to know an Assessment Appeals Board or Hearing Officer can decrease as well as increase or sustain (not change) an assessment based on the evidence presented at the appeal hearing.

  link dblArrow   Understanding Property Tax Limits  (Proposition 13) and  Decline in Value  (Proposition 8) 


The filing period to submit an

 Assessment Appeal Application,

appealing a property's regular assessment

has closed.

 Friday, September 15, 2017 was the deadline.

If you disagree with the property’s assessed value shown on a tax bill
(the January 1 Regular Assessment of property value),
and although the Regular Assessment Appeal filing period has closed, 

you have the right to contact the Assessor’s Office directly at (805) 654-2181 and request an Informal Assessment Review.


** For Supplemental, Escape, and Roll Change Assessments, see below for filing deadlines. **


Appeal Information:

link dblArrow Filing Your Assessment Appeal (Brochure)

link dblArrow  Preparing for Your Hearing

link dblArrow  California State Board of Equalization Information External Web Site Policy

link dblArrow  Frequently Asked Questions exitdisclaimer

link dblArrow  Terminology

Assessment Appeal Videos:

link dblArrow Introduction External Web Site Policy

link dblArrow Decline in Market ValueExternal Web Site Policy

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link dblArrow Filling Out the ApplicationExternal Web Site Policy

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Helpful Links:

link dblArrow California State Board of Equalization exitdisclaimer

link dblArrow Taxpayers' Rights Advocate Office exitdisclaimer



    1. Have on hand the “Notification of Assessment” or “Supplemental/Escape/Roll Change Notice” sent to you by the Assessor’s Office exitdisclaimer . This will contain the property’s Assessor’s Parcel Number and the Assessor’s Taxable Value information (Value on Roll) requested on an Assessment Appeal Application. If you did not receive a notice from the Assessor's Office, please call the Assessor's Office directly at (805) 654-2181 and request the necessary information. The Clerk of the Board does not have access to this information.

    2. Appeal instructions are on pages 3 and 4, but if you need further clarification on certain information being requested, please contact the Clerk of the Board. We will gladly assist you.

    3. Ensure the Assessment Appeal Application is complete, fully executed and a filing status is selected prior to submittal to the Clerk of the Board. An original/wet signature is required. DO NOT submit applications by e-mail or fax.

    4. DO NOT submit evidence such as appraisals, property comparables, flyers advertising homes for sale, photos, letters, etc. with your application. The Clerk of the Board cannot accept evidence at the time an appeal is filed. Any evidence submitted at the time of filing will be returned.

    5. Submit the Assessment Appeal Application by the required filing period deadline indicated below.


Electronic application submission is not available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

ASSESSMENT APPEAL APPLICATION pdf icon small - The Assessment Appeal Application is a fillable PDF. Application instructions are on pages 3-4. Completed applications must either be mailed in or submitted in person at the Clerk of the Board's Office.



Authorizing a professional tax agent to represent an applicant with an Assessment Appeal is optional and not required to file an appeal.

In addition to completing an Assessment Appeal Application and filing it within the appropriate filing period as stated above:

The Professional Tax Agents authorization in section 2 of the Assessment Appeal Application must be completely filled and contain an original signature at the time the application is submitted to the Clerk of the Board. DO NOT  SUBMIT A COPY.


An attached agent authorization meeting all requirements stated on the State of California, Board of Equalization’s Property Tax Rule 305exitdisclaimer must be submitted with the Assessment Appeal Application at the time the application is submitted to the Clerk of the Board.

Business and Professions Code 17537.9exitdisclaimer requires Professional Tax Agents authorized to represent an applicant to keep an originally-signed copy of all authorizations on file for 3 years. If authorizations look questionable, the Assessment Appeals Board or Hearing Officer may request the original Agent Authorization on file with the agent be provided at the Assessment Hearing.

COUNTY OF VENTURA AGENT AUTHORIZATION FORM pdf icon small - For your convenience, the County of Ventura has an Agent Authorization form that can be used by Professional Tax Agents to file an Assessment Appeal.

Failure to meet all agent authorization requirements
will result in the application being deemed invalid.



Regular Assessment (Assessed Value as of January 1, 2017):
An Assessment Appeal Application must be filed starting July 3, 2017 through September 15, 2017. Assessment Appeal Applications mailed on September 15, 2017 must be postmarked that day to be considered as timely filed.

Supplemental Assessment, Assessment Roll Change, and Escaped Assessment:
An Assessment Appeal Application must be filed within 60 days of the date the notice was mailed by the Assessor’s Office which is printed on the notice of assessment, or the envelopes postmark, whichever date is later.

Calamity Reassessment:
An Assessment Appeal Application must be submitted or postmarked within 6 months of the date the notice was mailed by the Assessor’s Office which is printed on the notice of assessment.

*Please Note: If the final filing date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, an application that is mailed and postmarked on the next business day shall be deemed to have been filed timely.


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