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calworks img1The CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity & Responsibility to Kids) program can provide cash assistance to families with children. Certain adults in the program are required to participate in welfare-to-work activities, such as looking for a job, attending job training, working, or furthering their education, which will improve their chances for long term employment and self-sufficiency. CalWORKs employment specialists help parents develop and achieve their career goals, and assist with referrals to child careexitdisclaimer  so that parents can work. CalWORKs participants are automatically eligible for Medi-Cal and may qualify for CalFresh benefits.


You may qualify for CalWORKs if you are a low-income or unemployed parent with dependent children living at home. Countable monthly income must be under a certain limit (see table below). Since there are many kinds of deductions, you are encouraged to apply, even if your income is close to the countable income amount. Also, the property limit is $2,250 per family or $3,000 per family if a member is over age 60 or has disabilities. Examples of property include cash, bank accounts, vehicles, and homes, although the home you live in is not included.

When you apply, you will be asked for information about your residency, citizenship, Social Security Number, income, property, school attendance, and child support. Additionally, adults will need to have their fingerprints and a photo taken, and children must get their immunizations.

Family Income
Family SizeMonthly Gross
Income Limit
Family SizeMonthly Gross
Income Limit
1 person $619 6 people $1,915
2 people $1,014 7 people $2,105
3 people $1,257 8 people $2,291
4 people $1,492 9 people $2,485
5 people $1,703 10 people $2,698

Each extra person


These figures are current as of July 2015

How To Apply

First, use the easy online tool to check your eligibility.

There are two ways to apply for CalWORKs:

1) Fill out an online application for CalWORKs Cash Aid for Families with Children here (Note: An in-person interview is also required.)

2) Apply in person at an Intake & Eligibility Center or Community Service Centerexitdisclaimer

Online Report Forms are Now Available

You may now complete your Semi-Annual Report (SAR7) online anytime by clicking here, starting the first day of the month it is due.

Semi-Annual Reporting

In August 2013, reporting requirements for CalWORKs changed. If you submitted QR7 reports every three months, you are now required to submit one Semi-Annual Report (SAR7) each year. You are still required to complete a redetermination / recertification once per year and to notify us of changes within 10 days, such as:

  • Your income increases above a certain amount
  • Your address changes

Call your worker or 1-888-472-4463phone for more details.

Online Access to EBT Account Information

To check your Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) account balance, view transaction history detail, check claim status, and locate retailers and automated teller machines (ATMs) that accept the EBT card, click here. To learn how to replace your lost or damaged EBT card, click here. Please remember that EBT cards cannot be used at some types of businesses to get cash benefits. Click here for more information.

If your EBT card is lost or stolen, or if you need to change your PIN: Call (877) 328-9677phone

New CalWIN Mobile Application
Have an Android, iPhone, or iPad?  For those who do, a mobile application ("app") is now available allowing easy access to:

  • Check Your Case Status
  • Get Current Benefit Amounts
  • Check Your Renewal Dates and Renew CalFresh Benefits
  • View Your EBT Balance

The CalWIN Mobile "app" will also help find the nearest Human Services Agency Intake & Eligibility Center, Community Service Center, or Job & Career Center (JCC) using GPS or zip code lookup.


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