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APCD - Air Pollution Control District

link dblArrow APCD MOA – June 2014 AcrobatReader

CJAAVC - Criminal Justice Attorneys Association of Ventura County

link dblArrow CJAAVC MOA 2017 – 2020 AcrobatReader

CNA - California Nurses Association

link dblArrow CNA MOA 2014-2017 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow CNA Amendment #1 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow CNA Wage Grid Steps 2014-2017 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow Amended CNA Wage Grid Steps 2016-2017 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow CNA MOA Title 22 2014-20017 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow CNA Per Diem Unit MOA 2015-2016 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow CNA Per Diem Unit Amendment #1 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow CNA Per Diem Unit Amendment #2 AcrobatReader

IHSS - In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority

link dblArrow IHSS MOA 2014-2016 AcrobatReader

IUOE - International Union of Operating Engineers

link dblArrow IUOE MOA 2017-2020 AcrobatReader

Management/Confidential Clerical/Unrepresented Others

link dblArrow Management Resolution – January 2017 AcrobatReader

SEIU 721 - Service Employees International Union

link dblArrow SEIU MOA 2016-2019 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow SEIU Amendment # 1 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow SEIU Amendment # 2 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow SEIU Amendment # 3 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow SEIU Professional Classifications AcrobatReader
link dblArrow SEIU Student MOA 2015-2017 AcrobatReader

SPOAVC - Specialized Peace Officers Association of Ventura County

link dblArrow SPOAVC MOA 2015-2018 AcrobatReader

VCDSA - Ventura County Deputy Sheriff's Association

link dblArrow VCDSA Amended MOA 2014-2018 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow VCDSA Side Letter #1 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow VCDSA Side Letter #2 AcrobatReader

VCPFA - Ventura County Professional Firefighters Association

link dblArrow VCPFA MOA 2015-2018 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow VCPFA Exhibit 1 AcrobatReader

VCPPOA - Ventura County Professional Peace Officers Association

link dblArrow VCPPOA Probation Unit MOA 2014-2018 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow VCPPOA Patrol Unit MOA 2017-2020 AcrobatReader

VCSCOA - Ventura County Sheriff's Correctional Officers Association

link dblArrow VCSCOA MOA 2014-17 AcrobatReader
link dblArrow VCSCOA Amendment #1 AcrobatReader

VEA - Ventura Employees' Association

link dblArrow VEA MOA 2017-2019 AcrobatReader

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