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  • Job Announcements are posted on our Employment Opportunities exitdisclaimer web page. This page contains the list of current job openings. For each title there is a link to the actual Job Announcement, and a link to the on-line application process for that position.
  • Job Announcements and "Employment Opportunities" (a list of current jobs) are posted at the Lobby Desk - Ventura County Human Resources Division - Hall of Administration, and in various agencies throughout the County.
  • The County advertises in the Sunday edition of many local newspapers and in some technical professional journals.
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Applications are accepted only for jobs open for recruitment. You are encouraged to apply on-line at our website or fill out a paper application. County applications may be picked up at the County Human Resources Division.

There are three types of recruitments:

  • Open -- available to anyone meeting minimum qualifications.
  • County-Wide Promotionals -- available only to County employees.
  • Agency/Department Promotionals -- open only to employees of specific agencies or departments.

Recruitments usually have a specific closing date and applications must be received at the Human Resources Division by 5:00 p.m. on the final filing date. Continuous recruitments may close at any time, so please apply immediately.

You may FAX your application and supplemental documents to the Human Resources Division at (805) 654-3610, however, we must receive an original application or very good xerox copy within 7 days in order to qualify.

All application material becomes the property of the County and cannot be returned to you. You may use copies of our County application to file for other jobs as long as all of the qualifying information is provided and supplemental questionnaires are completed when required.

There are several different kinds of tests or examinations which are used to determine the knowledge, skills and abilities needed. Any one or a combination of tests may be given. Below are examples of the type of tests that can be given:

  • Written -- multiple-choice items test specific areas of knowledge and abilities.
  • Oral -- a panel asks questions to determine an applicant's knowledge and abilities.
  • Performance or Practical -- evaluates an applicant's skills or physical abilities (swimming, equipment operations, etc.)
  • Application Evaluation (candidates do not appear) -- recruitment analyst reviews applications, supplemental questionnaires, etc. to determine possession of required knowledge and abilities.

It is very important that you arrive on time for any scheduled examination and bring picture identification with you. Failure to do so may result in you not being allowed to take the examination. You would then have to reapply when the recruitment is open again. Examinations generally are not rescheduled for any reason.

Applicants are encouraged to review Preparing for a Written Examination AcrobatReader and Preparing for an Oral Examination AcrobatReader.

Several weeks after your examination, the Human Resources Division will notify you in writing of your score and standing on the eligible list. Please do not call the Human Resources Division to request your score. Scores are not given over the phone. You then have 12 days from the date of the notification to review your examination results, if you wish.

If you have a disability and need special testing arrangements, please indicate that need on the County application. We do require verification of needed accommodation from a professional source, such as a doctor or a learning institution. Our staff will work with you if at all possible.

You must receive a score of 70% to pass the examination and be placed on an eligible list. You will remain on that eligible list for six months or one year, as noted in the Job Announcement. Candidates are grouped in five point standings. The names (minimum of three) of successful candidates are sent to the hiring department for final selection when a vacancy occurs. Candidates are notified of selection/non-selection in writing by the hiring department or agency.

As you are referred to a department/agency for the final selection interview, a letter will be sent from the Human Resources Division giving you the department/agency contact name and telephone number to contact for an interview appointment. It is important that you respond within ten days of the date on that letter; failure to make contact may result in your removal from the eligibility list.

It is also important to remember that you are allowed to waive or decline three job interviews before you will be removed from the eligibility list. You will then have to retest once the recruitment is open again. If you do not want your name sent to a particular agency/department for the selection interview, you must mark that request on your online application or send the Human Resources Division written notice of your request (include title of position).

Also, Personnel Rules and Regulations require removal of your name from an eligibility list if you refuse three job offers. If you are temporarily not available for work (for instance, for a few months due to surgery, family emergency, etc.) notify the Human Resources Division in writing so your name will not be certified to hiring departments.

The County encourages you to apply for promotional opportunities immediately -- you do not need to finish your probationary period before applying. For open recruitments (not county-wide or agency/departmental recruitments) you will receive 5 additional points for being a County employee assuming you have completed your initial probationary period and achieved a successful score on the examination. Upon completing probation, you are also eligible for transfer to similar positions within the County. If interested, file an application and signed request to be placed on the transfer list with the Human Resources Division. You will be notified in writing once you are placed on the list.

If you have any questions contact (805) 654-5129 (Human Resources Reception) and ask for the Human Resources Analyst assigned to your agency/department.

The Human Resources Division will notify you in writing of any change in your eligibility. For instance, if you should refuse three job offers, you will be notified that your name has been removed from the eligible list for failure to respond to a notice for interview. If you need assistance in correcting any errors, please call (805) 654-5129 and ask for the Human Resources Analyst assigned to the recruitment. Generally, we can correct most problems over the telephone.

Be sure that you keep the Human Resources Division updated on any change in phone number or address. Again, please call (805) 654-5129.

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