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Waste and Recycling

  • County of Ventura Solid Waste ProgramExternal Website Policy
    Solid Waste staff serve Ventura County residents by ensuring the safe handling and proper disposal of residential and commercial solid waste. Staff inspect, permit, and monitor the operation of solid waste facilities such as landfills, waste transfer processing stations, composting operations, and chipping/grinding operations. Staff also respond to complaints of illegal solid waste disposal and perform related investigations.
  • RMDZ-Recycling Market Development Zone ProgramExternal Website Policy
    The County of Ventura, along with its ten cities, is a state-designated Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ). The purpose of the RMDZ is to help create local markets for the processing, manufacturing, and marketing of products made from recycled materials. Businesses are eligible for a variety of state and local incentives and assistance if they use recycled or reused materials to make products, or if they can make their products out of less material than they did previously.

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