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The report summarizes activities undertaken in 2013 that demonstrate the County’s commitment to provide protection from flooding and other hazards in Unincorporated Ventura County

The County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, initially created in 2005 was updated in 2010 to meet all state and federal requirements. The Plan was approved by FEMA on February 17, 2011 and in October of that year Unincorporated Ventura County officially received a Class 6 Community Rating System designation. Floodplain property owners in the unincorporated areas of Ventura County receive up to a 20% discount each year on their flood insurance premiums due to the County’s implementation of floodplain management programs that exceed the minimum protection and mitigation requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program. To remain in good standing in the CRS, the County must recertify each year and provide documentation that demonstrates it continues to implement all CRS activities that earned CRS credit points for the County’s Class 6 rating. Agencies involved in the implementation effort include the County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services, the Public Works Agency, the Watershed Protection District, the Ventura County Fire Protection District, the General Services Agency, and the Resource Management Agency.

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