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OPEN ENROLLMENT – November 1st – November 30th

The annual Open Enrollment for the County's Flexible Benefits Program will begin on November 1 and end on November 30.  During Open Enrollment, employees will be able to select from the County’s offered medical, dental and vision plans, and sign up for a Flexible Spending Account (Health Care and Dependent Care). Employees will be given one month to complete their enrollment activity online through Employee Self Service (see eBenefits-VCHRP link exitdisclaimer).

  link dblArrow 2018 Flexible Benefits Program Open Enrollment Bulletin AcrobatReader

link dblArrow 2018 Benefit Plans Handbook AcrobatReader

link dblArrow 2018 Plan Rates and Flexible Credit Amounts AcrobatReader


link dblArrow Enrollment and Change Form - PY2018 

link dblArrow Why Opt-Out? 

link dblArrow Opt Out Verification Form AcrobatReader

(Note: Complete this form if newly enrolling in Opt Out, or if you have experienced a change in other coverage.)

Enroll Online at eBenefits exitdisclaimer
Go to eBenefits (VCHRP) to enroll "online" now!

link dblArrow Open Enrollment User's Guide AcrobatReader



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link dblArrow VCHCP Provider Search AcrobatReader

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link dblArrow MetLife Dental Provider Search  AcrobatReader

link dblArrow Anthem Transition of Care Request Form AcrobatReader

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