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General Information
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Tax Rate Data as of September, 2009 LinkView PDF
Tax Rates
TRAs 00001-00095 LinkView PDF
TRAs 01001-01019 Fillmore LinkView PDF
TRAs 02000-02019 Ojai LinkView PDF
TRAs 03000-03999 Oxnard LinkView PDF
TRAs 04001-04027 Santa Paula LinkView PDF
TRAs 05001-05999 San Buenaventura LinkView PDF
TRAs 06000-06026 Port Hueneme LinkView PDF
TRAs 07001-07999 Camarillo LinkView PDF
TRAs 08000-08999 Thousand Oaks LinkView PDF
TRAs 09000-09999 Simi Valley LinkView PDF
TRAs 10000-10999 Moorpark LinkView PDF
TRAs 51001-93039 Unincorporated School Districts LinkView PDF

Tax Roles and Timeline of Events

Secured Roll are real estate taxes.
Unsecured Roll are taxes on all property other than real estate, such as boats and aircraft.
Supplemental Roll are taxes due to new construction and changes in ownership in between normal tax role times.

Additional Information

Questions regarding the appraisal or assessment of real or personal property, tax exemptions, change of ownership or change of address should be addressed to the Assessor's Office at

Questions regarding current or delinquent taxes, franchise taxes, or business licenses should be addressed to the Treasurer/Tax Collector's Office at

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