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pierce1 The Pierce's Disease Control Program (PDCP) benefits the nursery industry in Ventura County by providing certification for plants shipped to Northern California and the Central Valley. The PDCP is solely focused on preventing the spread of the Glassy Winged Sharpshooter (GWSS) from Ventura County to the Grape Growing areas of California that are not already infested. The GWSS is an insect that feeds on the stems and leaves of many kinds of nursery stock and citrus trees and also on grapevines. In the process of feeding it transmits a bacterial disease (Pierce’s Disease) that can seriously damage the grapevines. pierce2The GWSS is widespread in Southern California and has reduced the ability of growers in Southern California Counties to produce wine grapes. Nursery stock from Ventura County destined for non-infested areas of the state is inspected and certified prior to shipment. Detection traps are placed in nurseries planning to send plant material north to monitor for the presence of the GWSS. Citrus growers who plan to send their fruit to packing houses north of Ventura County are required to meet cleanliness standards in order to ship.  The majority of funding for this program is provided through a contract with the CDFA which is made possible through an assessment paid by the wine grape growers themselves.

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