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pc_1Individuals and businesses who want to provide pest control services for hire to the farmers and ranchers in the county must be licensed by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation before they can legally charge for their services. Companies who apply pesticides for hire are licensed as pest control businesses and the person who is in charge of the operations is licensed as a qualified applicator. Individuals who provide advice for farmers on what they should use to control a particular pest are licensed as pest control advisors and aircraft pilots who apply pesticides by air are licensed as pest control pilots. When these individuals decide to do business in a particular county they are required to register with the County Agricultural Commissioner and provide proof that they are licensed each year before they do any work in the county. The County Agricultural Commissioner charges a fee for registration.

pc_2Individuals who wish to provide agricultural labor for hire must be licensed by the Department of Industrial Regulations, Labor Standards Division as Farm Labor Contractors. They are also required to register annually with each Agricultural Commissioner before they conduct business in any county. Labor Contractors also pay a fee for registration.

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