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Land Use Planning - Ventura County Crops GrownThe Agricultural Commissioner works with the Resource Management Agency to assure that discretionary projects proposed for the unincorporated areas of the county do not adversely impact adjacent agricultural operations. Projects in the unincorporated area of Ventura County that may impact surrounding agriculture are sent to the Agricultural Commissioner for review. The person who proposes the development pays a fee when he submits his application and will probably be subject to many other fees as the various agencies involved review the proposed project. These fees partially offset the cost to the Commissioner for his participation in the review process. The Agricultural Commissioner serves as staff to the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee, (APAC) a Board appointed committee that advises the Board of Supervisors on matters affecting agriculture in Ventura County. The APAC is a committee of five growers, one member for each member of the Board of Supervisors, who meet monthly to discuss and review issues affecting agriculture in Ventura County. The members of the APAC serve without compensation. Land use incompatibility is one of the most common topics for this committee to address. The Agricultural Commissioner relies on these industry opinions when he makes his recommendations on various projects.

Aerial view of CountyThe Initial Study Guidelines which govern environmental review of such projects originally contained five separate topics for review. In July of 2010 the Board of Supervisors moved the Agricultural Soils topic under the purview of the Planning Department leaving the Agricultural Commissioner with a single expanded topic of Land Use Incompatibility.

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