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gf1Approximately 20% of the Agricultural Commissioner’s budget comes from the County General Fund. Counties are required by regulation to provide adequate facilities and equipment for the Agricultural Commissioner, and many counties provide more than the minimum. In general counties whose economy depends on the agricultural industry contribute a greater percentage of funds compared to counties whose economy is not dependent on agriculture. The value of agriculture is difficult to measure if only the gross value is considered. County residents have a variety of reasons to value farming and ranching. gf2Other than the obvious…a variety of fruits and vegetables year round, a monetary contribution to the county economy and the jobs that are supported by agriculture, agriculture also gives us scenic views, open space and supports our rural quality of life. Ventura County ranks 9th or 10th in gross value for agriculture among all California counties depending on the year. Ventura County is one of the top producers in the nation for several commodities including lemons, strawberries, celery and nursery stock. The programs that receive the most support from the County General Fund include Crop Statistics, Farmers’ Market Inspection and Certification, High Risk Inspection, Nursery Inspection, various Pest Detection and Eradication Programs, and Agricultural Land Use Planning. For every dollar contributed by the county approximately 70-75 cents is collected from an additional state funding source the Unclaimed Gasoline Tax Distribution (UGT). If the contribution from the county falls below a certain level the funding from the UGT will decrease and may be eliminated all together.

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